bath toys are taking over bathroom!

indygencoJune 21, 2006

What do you do with kids' bath toys??? We have a Swantile shower/bath. We have a mesh bag for the toys with suction cups, but it will not stick to the swantile, except on the built-in shelf. Even then, it constantly falls down and the toys end up falling into the tub and floor. We've resorted to the mesh bag on the floor in our very small bathroom.......there's got to be a better way! Suggestions, anyone?

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You could silicone the suction cups to the tub surround. Once you want to take them off, it would be harder, perhaps--you'd need DAP's Silicone Be Gone to get it all off.

You could also get a big zipping mesh bag, like a lingerie bag, and hang it on a single suction-cup hook. Then if it fell, it would be one thing to pick up.

I hang my shower caddy not on the shower head (it stays too wet there, and GETS too wet); I put up one of those wet-and-stick hooks at the FAR end of the tub, just above the tub surround, and hang it there. So, you could do that, too--put a hook above the tub surround, so you can use a nail, or that sticking stuff, and then hook the bag there.

I remember that "tub toys" age--what a pain!

(I hated my Swantile tub surround)

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I have all my tub toys in a laubdry basket. When the tub is not in use I put the basket in the tub and close the shower curtain. I do need to do a bit of weeding as they are starting to overflow the laundry basket!

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A couple of ideas...

Do you have a towel rack on the back wall of the tub enclosure? Can you add an S-hook to it and hang the mesh bag off of that?

I've seen a thing called a Frog Pod at Target for $25. You attach it with adheisve strips. It has a scoop that detaches, you scoop up the toys and pop it back on the holder - and it has drain holes. It's very cute.

Here is a link that might be useful: Frog Pod - pricier at this store, but has more pictures

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I bought a yaffa block at BB&B that I leave on the floor right next to the tub. It is white, the same color as the tub and kind of blends into the room. I think it has been working well.

Here is a link that might be useful: bubble block

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I have a small old Easter basket which holds the toys. It's only 10" across and is the bathroom basket because it was the only thing I had at the time with a hole in the bottom. That's the limit for the toys and it holds plenty of cars and boats as well as a Barbie or two.

I just set in in the tub to drain and when someone is using the tub, we set it on the counter. This has been doing the trick for four years.


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Wow, thanks for all the great ideas! tally sue, I really like the idea of the mesh least it would keep things from falling out, even if it did come down! Some day we plan to removed the swantile and replace with the real thing (probably sooner than we thought - during our current kitchen remodel - 95% done! - the electricial drilled a hole through the swantile - ugh!).

jenathegreat, LOVE the frogpod......may consider that one as well - too cute! The bathroom is really narrow, so there are no outside tub walls, no towel rack.....(one wall backs up to the kitchen -the one they drilled through :), one to the hallway, the third is next to the comode with NO extra space between). There really isn't any floor space for a basket or anything like that, either. DH hates having to move anything before his shower (not quite awake, yet, I think!), so would rather not have to store a laundry or other basket in the tub. Might think about the yaffa block for some other areas of the house, though! Gotta love BB&B!

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just fyi, I replaced my tub surround (it was by Swan and had molded-in tile shape, w/ fake grout lines that build up soap scum) w/ a SwanSTONE smooth tub surround, which I love love love.

I have a narrow bathroom, too, w/ no floor space or extra wall space. That's why I like havin the above-the-surround hook at the far end of the tub from the shower head. (one other advantage--it's so high, the kids can't get the toys down w/o help).

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How about the mesh zipper bag and a plastic over the door hook. Put the over the door hook on the shower wall or the shower curtain rod. Hang the bag on the hook.


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Im a decorator and I put my clients bath toys in a big inexpensive woven beach bag to match the beach theme in the bath. Put a small folded towel in the bottom of the bag to absorb a little water and take out when you do the other towels...then replace. Looks like a day at the beach!

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