shrink bags for blanket storage in the summer?

mommabirdJune 23, 2010

I am so very tempted to try those "shrink bags" you see on TV. We have a lot of blankets & it's hard to find spaces to stash them in the summer. They are on the beds in the winter but do cause me trouble this time of the year.

Has anyone tried those for blanket storage? Do they really work? Are the blankets OK once you break the vacuum seal - do the blankets fluff back up all right?

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Paige, I used them about 10 years ago; they didn't hold a vacuum for very long. However, I know they have been improved since they first came out. Being in FL, I don't have many blankets so the storage bags are something that I have pursued.

Perhaps there is some helpful feedback on the Amazon site listed below.

Here is a link that might be useful: Vacuum Bags

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Thanks for the link - good info! Living in central Ohio, we use LOTS of blankets in our poorly insulated 1953 house! I think this will finally be the year I bite the bullet and have insulation foamed into the walls & attic, since there is some type of home energy tax credit this year.

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I have also found that the bags do not hold their suction. This can lead to problems. I used one for a big, puffy comforter and stored it under my bed. The bag lost its suction while still under the bed and puffed up making it VERY difficult to get the bag out when I needed the comforter in the Fall.

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Try the jumbo size (I think) with the protective canvas around the bottom/sides...this seems to protect the bag more. I've used several of these bags and you have to be very careful as any little tear will allow the air to release. I've had some that have kept their seal, and some that have not. But we have moved so the bags got jostled around a bit. The canvas ones are very nice and sturdy and neither of mine have lost their seal in 3 yrs. Plus, they're not that expensive (got mine at WMart) so you might want to try it. And yes, the clothes/blankets are fine when you "let them out."

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My experience, is the ones you take the air out with the vac leak over time. And I'm just talking weeks. So don't waste your money. If you can stuff it into a food saver bag, and seal with the machine, that will keep them airtight. However, those rolled bags are spendy and the larger roll is still fairly small. So I've used it on something I am wanting to protect. You just have to kind of fold into a tubular shape. Obviously this wouldn't work on a bulky comforter, more for hand embroidery pillowcases, etc. Also works great for using for towels, etc. that you want to keep dry, but be able to take in a boat or camping.

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Thanks everyone! After hearing all of your experiences, I have decided to spend the $10 on just one of the XL bag sets and see how it works. If I have a good experience then I'll buy more.

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I've had good luck folding my blankets neatly and storing a couple blankets on each bed - between the foundation and the mattress. The trick is to fold them in a non-bulky manner.

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