Closet clean-out success

jollyrdJune 19, 2013

I did a round of cleaning/purging in early spring -- I needed space and I needed a justification for shopping for fresh spring clothes. And now three months later I was facing a cluttered closet again! I was walking in and out of it for month promising to 'get to it'.

I finally put my mind to it yesterday. And I feel good, no regrets! I set out three paper bags in front of the closet door, determined to get them filled. I mentally went over the shelves in the closet and knew that there are items in it that I have not TOUCHED for almost 3 years, some even longer. I was determined to rid off them. So I just grabbed them all and threw on the floor. I only pulled out couple shirts and pants, the rest went into the bags by categories -- dress/office clothes, tshirts, and sweaters.

result ... the three paper bags are full, and I needed another trash bag for a stack of old clothes I put aside - hoping to wear them 'after I lose my baby weight'! Yeah, right!

Four bags of clothes out of my closet, out of my house!

I already went through my shoes, and had a huge donate stack, and some to trash.

Now, if I could get my sweetheart to get rid of some of his STUFF... wishful thinking....

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Yea! It sure feels good. Too often I walk past a project time and again and instead of "just doing it" I let it bug me. I bought a Nike t-shirt and wear it on work days to keep me on task.

While I am very organized, I have TMS to organize so I am like others here who now scrutinize the necessity of items before making the purchase.

Good for you.

Here is a link that might be useful: Just Do It!

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Hooray! Congrats on the progress.

And spend some time--I'm serious here, now--looking at that closet and wallowing, emotionally, in the sense of calm and order and achievement. It'll help you motivate yourself for a future clean-out.

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