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donnawbJune 27, 2008

Where do you keep your phone albums? I have so many and keep them in my closet but looks so messy and would love to put them in another place but don't have anywhere else that I can think of. Most of them are in the magnetic albums and falling apart. I do have some that I have scrap booked and keep those in the family room on a shelf. Don't have many shelves. I also have some loose photos that I have in shoe boxes.

I did clean out my closet today and got rid of stuff but they (albums) are on one side and can't seem to get them to look nice. Have given pictures to my grown kids but still have some at home.

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I don't actually have albums, but instead keep mine in photo boxes in the closet. If I did have albums, I'd probably put them in a credenza type of piece (low), with closed doors so I could access them without having to see them.

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Thanks. Wish I had a credenza because think it is the perfect idea. Do have a entertainment center but doesn't have much closed door space. Only two small ones and that has all the DVD's, CD's and a few VHS's.

I have a few photo boxes also.

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Well, the first thing *I* would do is get rid of those magnetic albums... they ruin photos!

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Since I am really, really into picture taking I have loads and loads of albums and boxes of photos, plus external hard drives with pictures on them.
Most of my albums are out of sight on a shelf below my computer desk. They just collect dust. Some from my youth & of my childrens at home years, are in an entertainment cabinet behind glass in the guest room.
The ones in photo boxes are on top of my 2 drawer file cab. in my office closet. Those are the ones I need to go through and toss the duplicates, etc. They are neatly contained in matching boxes, about a dozen of them, but they are mostly taking up space!
My newer photos that are digital I upload to Shutterfly occasionally like after a trip and make the hard cover books out of them. I keep them on the coffee table and they are the ones that actually get looked at. People seem to be so impressed with those books. It is a nice compact way to keep the memories in the photos and not have them take up too much space. I would recommend them to everyone.

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