Asbestos roofing- but it looks like tin?

lrschnJuly 21, 2009

Hello all-

BF and I are buying a house that was built in 1933. It looks to us, and to a contractor friend, like it has a tin roof, painted with a reflective sealant. However, the city assessment lists the roof type as "asbestos." I have heard of corrugated asbestos roofing, and I have heard of asbestos cement shingle roofing, but I can't find any reference to an asbestos roof that looks (and sounds, with a good tap) like a tin roof. Has anybody run into this before? Is it likely to be asbestos shingle underneath the tin? We want to add dormers to the upstairs, so knowing what we we're going to be cutting into before we buy the house would be good for peace of mind. I was inclined to dismiss it as a clerical error at first (there is some minimal asbestos siding on a porch addition- maybe they put it in the wrong box), but I'd rather be sure!

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city assessments are often incorrect.
There could be more roofing under the tin roof. This happens a lot of the time. In fact, we just installed a new steel roof and it was placed over the older asphalt roof.


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