Painting an old storm door.

gregf_2010July 27, 2010

Perhaps, someone could advise me. I need to paint an old white storm door along with the metal frame around it. The door is a little over 17yrs old. The door was bought at a Home Depot store in Brookfield, Ct.. I live in Putnam County, N.Y.. The door needs painting, but, I do not know what kind of white paint the manufacturer originally used on the door and it's metal frame. I want to paint both this door ( I think its made out of a combination of wood and fiberglas?) and the metal frame (possibly made of aluminum). Both are white and I want to keep to the white. This door and frame, I stress, have never been painted except, by the manufacturer. I need to know, what, if any, primer is needed and what kind of primer to use and what kind of paint to use (latex or oil base)? Thanks.

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If I were doing this, I would remove remove the door from the hinges if possible and place on a work table. I would give it a good cleaning using steel wool and some mineral spirits. That will clean it and roughen up the paint surface so that the new paint has something to grip. Then I would tape off what I didn't want to turn white and spray prime and then spray paint it.

Warning - I'm an amateur. You might want to cross post on the Paint forum and hear what the experts say.

Here is a link that might be useful: Rustoleum all surface spray paint

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