awkward kitchen space need remodel layout ideas help!!!

barrelracerFebruary 19, 2013

So I have my current kitchen area completely gutted down to the wall studs and even took out one wall already and am about to take out a second to open the kitchen area up into the family room. I desperately need help with my kitchen layout as the space is somewhat awkward (to me at least) and I am having problems deciding what the best layout is. I have included a scan of a basic empty floor plan sketch I just drew up. The kitchen area is the 24ft long wall area between the living and dining room. There is a staircase that curves down into the kitchen directly from the 2nd floor that is original and I will not alter it in any major way such as getting rid of it like my husband suggests we do. I can add windows and/or doors anywhere on the exterior walls and would like a sizely window on the 24ft wall (maybe above the sink) so I can look outside and see my horses. There was originally a door in the kitchen to outside when I bought the house, but am getting rid of it so didnt include it in the sketch. I also showed where a staircase goes from kitchen to basement through 2 doorways. I plan to close off the first door way from the kitchen down to the basement and make a solid wall because there is another doorway that will give me access to the basement door from inside the house. There is also more to the front of the house which includes a french door centered on the front, but didnt feel it was necessary to draw in the floor plan.

Without telling you too much to influence your ideas I would like to say that I will be adding french doors in the family room out to a deck on the same side of the house as the 24ft kitchen wall. I would like to have a peninsula I think for people to be able to sit at and converse with whomever is cooking in the kitchen. Also I do NOT want to put the stove in front of the staircase!!! I have a kitchen planner draw this scenario up once in a layout and I honestly couldnt believe she thought that was acceptable. Coming straight down the stairs into the stove just seems like a MAJOR safety issue to me. I hope I haven't confused anyone and REALLY need your help for a layout. I spent several hours the last few days trying to figure this out and havent found anything that I am just in love with so I am turning to the creative minds here. Thank you in advance and I look forward to seeing what you all have to say!!!

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Floorplan didn't come through. If you edit your post, you have to reattach your picture (don't know why; it seems designed to trip people up).

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Thank You! That is exactly what happened. I edited and didnt reattach. Got it fixed now!

I also want to add that almost any layout I come up with has the refrigerator 10ft or so away from the stove and I am not bothered by this at all. Some like them closer, but I dont mind the distance. I dont know that it matters much, but my style is sort of traditional/old world with lots of detailed corbels and fancy woodwork designs. A warm elegant feel. My house was built in 1891 so it already has that old detailed feeling with two gorgeous fireplaces with detailed wood columns on each side of them. I would like this style to flow throughout the kitchen also since it is in the entire house.

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Well, I'll start it out by asking "how about a shallow floor to ceiling pantry against the stairway wall just inside the doorway to the dining room?" It could even be a type of butlers pantry for nice serving dishes, etc.

Who was it that just recently had the awesome kitchen with the zebra wallpaper and that gorgeous butlers pantry with the red cabs? Can't pick the name out of my brain to be able to search.

Anyway, hope you get lots of good suggestions.

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Thank you deedles! I did have something similar to a pantry there in one of my designs. Keep the ideas coming! Meeting with another kitchen planner this afternoon so we will see what she has to say and share with you all also. Ceilings are going to be 8ft 6-9inches tall depending on how much room we use for plumbing lines and the support beam we have to add to remove the wall between kitchen and family room.

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Hi, Barrelrider.
Your name calls up wonderful images of quarter horses! I'd want a big window to watch them, too.

Your diagram is a great starting point. I began playing with this, but need more info.
Do you want a table and chairs in the kitchen, or will you eat all meals in the DR?
Where will you enter with groceries?

On second thought, you probably could answer my questions, and those of others, best by reading over the link below and posting your answers to the questions.

And, incidentally, photos of other rooms in your home will help. Especially since you want the kitchen to ''fit in'' with that style.


Here is a link that might be useful: Questions to answer

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I think Deedles is referring to mamadadapaige's kitchen.

Here is a link that might be useful: Reveal of kitchen with zebra wallpaper

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We will not be wanting a table/chairs in the kitchen. A peninsula with bar stools will serve nicely for eating/homework etc while my husband or I are cooking. No kids yet, but in the near future after the kitchen and rest of the house gets done I imagine there will be a few ;) Dining room is more a formal style dining room for large gatherings. Just my husband and I doing the cooking. Groceries and trash will go out the back door I want to put on the remaining living room wall after the 24ft kitchen area. We dont do anything more than an average family would probably. We make dinner every night, but arent extravagant chefs by any means. No computer or tvs needed in the kitchen. Small appliance storage out of sight is a must for my large stand mixer, toaster, blender etc. I would also like to do a large vent hood over the range and not an over the range microwave. I like having my microwave at a more useable height, counter height is what I'm thinking. I will try and add some pictures of the mantles etc for style reference later. On my way to the kitchen planner appt.

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I am not in any way a professional, but this was a lot of fun to play with. There are some wonderful pics on GW of ranges and hoods centered before spectacular windows.

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Here's a Houzz picture of a range and hood with a marvelous window behind them. This is what I was imagining in your space.

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Oh my goodness!!! I really like some of the ideas you gave here! The "let the windows own the wall" is really fabulous! What do you think about the stove being so close to the family room though? I had it in the exact same spot in my last layout plan I drew up, but was unsure of it being that close to the family room.

The designer today suggested I use just from the stairs over toward the family room and use the corner area between kitchen and dining room for a small 3 or 4 person table with big windows in that area and one above the sink which would be on the 24ft wall. She wont do a 3D image without $1000 down on cabinetry. I suppose so she doesnt do all the work and have people take her design somewhere else.

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I just have a minute to respond. Look at the stove in the pic I posted. With a good hood/vent, there will be no problem with smoke or odor in the family room and I think it is gorgeous from any angle.
Personally, I have no problem with the stove opposite the stairs. Actually, I think it would be wonderful to come down the stairs and see that stove, hood, and windows in front of me. So long as you have a water source on the same wall, I cannot imagine any problem--unless one of your future young-uns rides a bike down the steps and can't stop!
Thanks for letting me play with your kitchen. I look forward to seeing what others offer and the ideas presented by your images of adjoinging rooms.

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I'm liking this range hood for in front of a window........

Here is a link that might be useful: cirrus range hood

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This is 2littlefishies' sink window. It is what I had in mind for your exterior wall sink window.

Here's the link to her kitchen reveal (You will need to scroll through a lot of wonderful details to find the window!):

Here is a link that might be useful: Wonderful garden window at sink

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