Filing cabinets versus drawers

marie26June 23, 2006

I realize that I prefer to organize into drawers (or binders) rather than filing cabinets, at least for my personal papers. I had purchased a cheap plastic 10-drawer system at Costco that works except that it is so cheaply made and the drawers never stay in place. I could put dowels for a quick fix but dh says I should get one of better quality.

Anyone have any links to ones that are not too expensive?

Do you prefer filing cabinets or drawers?

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I don't do well with either cabinets or drawers. I'm not sure why, but I think it's the lack of ease in access. I use a couple of the easy carry type like linked below for files I don't need to get into frequently. I have two open top cases for the files I use all of the time. I like binders, but again, I just don't take the time to get stuff in them. Hanging files let me just slip in the paperwork and retrieve it easily. I have these sitting on top of a bookcase. Not pretty, but very functional, which is where I'm at in my life.


Here is a link that might be useful: file container

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I ordered today from Target 2 5-drawer cabinets and 2 10-drawer cabinets. We are going to use them as speaker stands in the 4 corners of the living room. DH wants to organize his stuff into them as well which will help with some of his clutter.

It sounds like a lot of drawers but I know I'll be able to organize into them and have fun doing it. At least I'll be using my drawer obsession for 2 functions.

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Hopefully, the plan that DH says he'll use for the drawers will work. I'll put the mail in one drawer, there will be another for "To File" (which ends up in the filing cabinet) and a third drawer for "To Pay". There will be a waste basket next to these drawers so the garbage can go in there. Here's hoping this solves my mail problem and finally gets it off of the kitchen island.

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Like quiltglo, I use one of the carry-type file boxes for my Genealogy folders. This way, I don't have to go into the filing cabinet and I can find what I am looking for quickly.

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I'm w/ your DH--if that 10-drawer setup works for you, get a good one. Don't switch to file boxes, etc., just because they work for other people. In a way, you've got the best situation of all--an inexpensive solution proved to you that this WORKS. go with it. (it does actually work right now, right?)

The toughest part is, how tall are those individual drawers?

There's a catlog company I've used -- that has several multi-drawer cabinets or dressers or art carts.

Try this seven-drawer storage chest with a slightly chinoiserie style (it also comes in 5-drawer)

And the Stanton brand has this 8-drawer one that's pretty tall; there are more sizes; do a search on "Stanton" and "cart"

I like the idea of lots of drawers, because they end up like little cubbyholes. They're usually pretty shallow, so you don't end up w/ lots of stuff crammed in there, and you can compartmentalize pretty easily.

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Here is the link that shows the drawers I purchased. They're not very expensive which means that they might not be that well made. But I liked the look. I ordered 2 of the 5-drawers and 2 of the 10-drawer cabinets.

Here is a link that might be useful: Drawers

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I would add another thought. Every year use a different color folder or at least different color labels. As you see a folder is 2 years past pull it out and look at the contents, throwing out liberally. Even Lincoln didn't keep all of his old envelopes.

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ooh, that's pretty! Good luck!

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Some of the cabinets will be arriving today if the tracking proves correct. DH wants me to use my label maker to label the drawers. I purchased one a couple of years ago and I've never used it.

I don't want to ruin the finish on the drawers if I decide to change the labels. Will the labels ruin the finish?

Also, I'm thinking it will look "tacky". Do you agree? If so, any other suggestions besides Post-it tape?

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Those tapes wll peel off--but if they're on for a while they might lift off the varnish.

If you use white on clear, it might not look tacky. Or black on clear, on the handles.

You might first use Post-it Notes or Post-it tape, until you're really pretty clear.

Then you can be sure what to label stuff, and you can put a little placard on them.
Like those engraved plastic signs or tags

Or maybe a plain metal tag that you can put the stick-on labels on, so you can change them easily.

Not that these are cheap, but they'd look neat!

Or, use the Post-It solution until you're all well trained, then put the stick-on labels from your labelmaker on the inside top edge of the drawer.

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I really like those metal tags but they'll cost as much as the cabinet they're on. I'm going to have to research something like this. Or maybe, I'll be able to find nice looking drawer label holders.

I do like the idea of black on clear labels also. I hadn't realized there was clear tape available.

You've given me some good ideas. Thank you, Talley Sue.

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Well, my drawer idea only half-worked. We were able to put together the 2 5-drawer units but ended up returning the 2 10-drawer units. They were not very well constructed and a few of the drawers had one part that kept splitting. DH didn't want to try to salvage 10 drawers from the 2 units so now I still have the plastic unit that's falling apart by my desk that was the one piece that I really wanted changed.

So, my search continues.

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