O'Keefe and Merritt oven

nick1208July 7, 2008

Hi everyone- I would like to have my O'Keefe and Merritt oven refurbished - I'm in New Jersey - any idea where I can get this done? I also have a few pieces of old furniture I want renovated. Any info you can offer will be most appreciated!

Thank you,


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hi Nick, i rennovated my own OKM range, but did find a vintage stove expert to help me hook it up, safety test and adjust after i finished. i went to my local independent appliance parts store and asked the clerks there if they knew anyone in the area who rennovated old stoves, and they had an name for me immediately. you could try that. Mo

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I did a quick google and found a pretty extensive website from a place in California. They might suggest you ship to them, but perhaps they would just recommend someone if they know one.

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Circus Peanut

hey there,
I'm up in Maine and looked into this quite extensively before deciding to just refurb my 1949 OKM myself. There are a couple of outfits on the East Coast who do older, i.e., wood and coal stoves, but nobody willing to cover the 1930 - 1950 vintage gas ones.

I did speak to a couple of the big California shops, notably:


both of whom are knowledgable, friendly and will ship you any parts you need. You can also find the occasional part on eBay. If necessary, of course, they are happy to have you ship your stove cross country to them for fixing it up, but that begins to run into the thousands.

What model do you have?

When I'm done refurbishing, my plumber-slash-gas-guy is going to look it over, test for leaks, and do the installation. You might have good luck, as recommended above, finding someone local with non-specific old stove experience.


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Thanks everyone! It actually runs well - I have to manually light the oven area but I'm over that. I had to buy a mini-pilot from some place in Cali - cost $600 (ugh) but well worth it. I don't know the model off hand - I think it's a 1950's model though. I was hoping to get it fixed up in the cosmetic sense, then maybe re-sell it (I'm desperate for money right now - bought it for $1000, shipped it for another $800 or so, then paid at least $1000 in repairs). It's been costly but I know it can be considered an investment. Thanks again everyone - I appreciate all the info!

Best wishes,

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i just connected my newly purchased OKM and my plumber/gas man found leaks in the oven and broiler compartment. now i don't know if i'm doing something wrong or if there is a leak. he thinks it's the control behind the knobs that are not shutting the gas flow off. any help is appreciated.

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Jack, don't know if you have got the stove leak problem solved yet. does your stove have a safety valve and a pilot? i'm not an expert, but the oven thermostat valve usually just has problems when on, and not keeping the set temperature correct. i have not heard of a thermostat valve leak before, but anything is possible. you should try to find an old stove technician to assess the problem. its worth the time and money, because the replacement cost of a refurbished thermostat valve is quite high. if you live in california, there a quite a few technicians left to help in SF, LA and SD, to name a few cities. the web sites mentioned above can also be a good source of info.

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From Essex County NJ
I have to replace my wonderful range. The thermostat died.

If you know anybody who wants it for parts, please get in touch with me.

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You can buy rebuilt, new and new old stock thermostats for vintage stoves. They aren't cheap, but they aren't break the bank expensive. Look at the links provided by a previous posted above. I certainly wouldn't part out a vintage stove just because of a failed thermostat.

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Thanks to suzyq2 I am on my way to rebuild a few parts, replace oven and grill door springs, get some bits rechromed, and well... I will report on the results....

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We had one, but it started leaking gas so we got rid of it. They are cool, though! Here's a site with several links for antique stoves.

Here is a link that might be useful: antique stoves

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Larry Wasson

We have an antique stove repair shop in the Eureka California area. They do not have a website. They completely redid our old Wedgewood stove and might have parts at a reasonable price.

Gas Stoves With Style
3360 Jacobs Ave Eureka, CA 95501
707 - 445 - 0506

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does anybody have the instruction manual for the built-in double oven ~1960-2ish? the bottom oven comes on a different temperature than the top, and I would really like to know how to use it. Just a soft copy would be great. Thank you very much!

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