Please show me your GE Profile OR Cafe 30" double oven gas range

spartans99February 16, 2014

We are trying to make a final decision by tomorrow on the GE Profile or Cafe 30" double oven gas range. If you have one of these, would you please show me how it looks in your space? DH prefers the controls on an angle in the Profile model, but I haven't seen many pictures on Houzz or here showing it installed in a space.

Thank you!

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Here is one of my before picts, right now my GE cafe dual fuel is sitting in a 42" space so it looks pretty odd. And I see the backsplash wasn't right in this picture either, but it's all I've got.

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No recent pics with paint, hood complete, etc, but here you go. I was just thinking last night how much I have enjoyed this range over the last three years.

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Kathy Rivera

I think you've seen mine and I know we chatted a bit. I really think the knob thing is a non-issue if you like all the other aspects of it.

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Kathy Rivera

Here's one I just took standing in front it so you can see the knobs a bit better. I'm standing right about where I do when I cook and pointed the phone straight down. You can easily see (maybe not in the pic, but in real life) what is written on the knob and the picture/words for which knob controls which burner.

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I have the Profile electric glass-top range. I'm always wiping oil and sauce splatters off the angled control panel. It's easier to see the touch-screen and temperature setting though.

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I have the GE café all gas with the smaller oven on top. My kitchen is prereno now, so I don't think it would do you much good to see it, but I just wanted to mention how much I love the range. I chose the model because I have a very narrow kitchen and the smaller top oven lets me do a lot of weekday cooking without the infringement on the traffic aisle thru the kitchen. For weekends or baking or entertaining, I use both racks in the lower oven as well as the top oven and it's like triple the utility of my prior range. Water boils so quickly and I use the center burner regularly for quesadillas or pancakes etc. I love that it looks like a slide-in - no back controls - but since it was free standing I didn't need to wait till demo to order it.

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Thank you all for sharing OOTM_Mom and cluelessincolorado. The range looks beautiful in your spaces.

KathyNY76 - I love seeing your kitchen so thank you for sharing again. We have since decided to go with the double oven model vs. the single; however, one issue DH has with the Cafe model is that the panel for oven controls is on the front facing out. He is tall and his feeling is that he would have to step back to set the oven. Does this bother you at all? OOTM_Mom and cluelessincolorado - does this bother either of you as well?

may_flowers - wiping up the stains because the control panel is on an angle is something that seems like it would be a con of the Profile version.

smalloldhouse - thank you for the feedback on the double oven. That is what we are leaning towards now and it's great to hear your feedback on the usability of the ovens! One question for you - I see in the specs online that the Cafe model has a traditional (non-convection) upper oven, and that the lower oven is convection. As opposed to the Profile model where both upper and lower are convection. Do you see any significant difference between the two ovens when you use them? Also, are both ovens controlled from the electronic panel? When we saw this model in the showroom, it seemed one of the ovens was completely controlled by a knob and the other oven was completed controlled by the electronic panel on front. Can you confirm?

If anyone else has the 30" GE Profile gas range with the double ovens, I would love to see it! Thank you again!

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I will say, we have on at least three occaisions, accidentally turned OFF the oven, just by bumping the controls unintentionally. The controls are sensitive. I actually think it happened mainly when my Mom was visiting, she tends to run a washcloth over all surfaces all the time, and probably hit it without noticing.I have the larger convection oven on top, smaller lower oven is not convection. I am just used to regular, so rarely use the convection mode. I like having the larger oven on top, the one I use the most, so that I dont have to bend over so far. I have never had any trouble seeing the controls, that seems a non issue for me. Bottom oven only gets used at holidays, takes longer to preheat, but I dont have any complaints about it. I do not care for the center griddle burner, I cant seem to get the heat right for me. Love the stacked burner, goes super low and super high!

Mine will be on Craigs list in about 2 months after my new range gets here!

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spartans99, you're right - in the configuration with the smaller oven on top, that oven is NOT convection and it is controlled by a knob rather than by the electronic panel. I didn't have convection before so I don't miss it when I use the top oven, and the small oven seems to preheat pretty quickly. I had read reviews that suggested the smaller oven tended to be uneven in cooking - I haven't noticed this myself but I don't tend to use the top oven for anything terribly complicated. When convection seems to make a difference, I make a point to use the bottom oven. Like OOTM_mom, I find the electronic control pad pretty sensitive. I should lock it but I haven't yet.

I bought mine last June, after a long time pondering and then stalking on the Sears Outlet website - I don't think the Profile model was out at that time. Still, I wouldn't change my decision - I wanted as much functionality as possible in as small a package as possible, and I really liked the look of the Café model. So far, no reason to regret that. Good luck choosing - it's great that there are more options with 2 ovens and the look of a slide-in.

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So glad you posted this as I am trying to decide between the same two ranges. Well, actually it's between three ranges, all GE. For me it's between the one shown in the pictures others posted or the Cafe with the small upper oven (I drool over that one) or the profile. I was not aware that the profile has a convection upper and lower. It's good to hear everyone loves the one they bought. Let us know which one you pick.

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Mine hasn't been installed yet, but here is a photo of a friend's. She is very pleased with it. So much so, that she talked me into buying the same thing.

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This is my GE Profile 30 inch Dual Fuel, double oven range. The second oven is on the bottom, more like a warming drawer, but It can go to 450 degrees. I haven't used it as a full oven yet. My model is from a few years ago, I bought it new from a local shop that acquired it in an auction lot from a defunct kitchen remodel business. (was part of a kitchen demo vignette, so was never used). I wanted white, because my other appliances are white too. Got the range for $1,000. VERY good price!

I am very, very happy with it so far. First time I've had gas cooktop. I really like cooking on gas rather than electric. We had it installed in our new kitchen in November 2013, just in time for Thanksgiving. Made a yummy roast turkey breast in the oven. Did a great job. The oven controls are easy to use and fingerprints clean up perfectly because it is glass. The burner nobs work fine but you have to be careful not to lean against them at times while cooking something on the back burners. But so far no problems. The panel the nobs sit on is at an angle and it is easy to read the settings is you step back just a tiny bit.

I liked the look of the GE ranges. They have a vintage look which goes well with our vintage inspired kitchen.

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Another shot of our 30 inch GE Profile in the bank of cabinetry. We sure love it.

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Here is ours, we love it. When we bought, we didn't like the Profile's offset looking burner layout. I think it might have changed since then, that was June 2012.

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We love our GE cafe dual fuel range. I didn't like the 2 small ovens with the other range, neither one looked big enough to do a large roast or turkey. I have used the lower oven many times, it is not convection and does take a good 20 minutes to reach temperature. I find the control pad easy to use and read and we use the center griddle frequently.

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Thanks again to everyone who shared their pictures and provided feedback. Your pictures and comments were definitely helpful in making our decision!

It was interesting to actually look at the measurements of the two ovens of the Profile and Cafe double oven models vs. the single oven model. The only difference between the lower oven in the double oven model and the larger single oven model (with baking drawer or without), is only 4" in height (15"H vs 19"H).

That height difference might be significant to some people, but my current 1980's, 27" wide double ovens on the wall only have 14" of height in each and I am able to get a huge turkey in there to feed 20 people. That said, we are set on the double oven model with the smaller upper oven and larger lower oven.

While I like the Cafe style better, DH prefers the Profile with the angled controls. For us, the deciding factor comes down to the fact that both ovens in the Profile are convection and it is about $300 cheaperâ¦so, that's the winner - GE Profile with double ovens (Model #: PGS950SEFSS)!

Now onto the next decisionâ¦aye aye⦠TKO!!!

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I really appreciate this thread. I'm also trying to decide between the 30" double oven Profile, the 30" double oven Cafe, or something like a 36" side-by-side oven Verona or Bertazzoni.

I'm leaning toward one of the GE models because they seem to have the best combination of looks, features, and performance. DH is drawn to the Italian ovens for style. If we don't get something that "will be a focal piece" in our kitchen, he'd just as soon spend $500 on a run of the mill range - he doesn't really see the point of something like these two GEs. My reading suggests that those two Italian ranges might not perform as well, though.

So, my questions:

1) Are the only real differences between the Cafe and Profile the fact that both ovens are convection in the Profile and the angled pad on the Profile? I don't really understand where the $300 difference comes from.

2) I guess only we can decide how to value the trade-offs between style and substance between the GEs and the Verona or Berta, but if anyone has thoughts, would you mind sharing?

many thanks!

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I'm also looking at the GE cafe. I love the look of it, but I have a toddler and I'm worried about him touching all the buttons on the oven. Can anyone speak to this issue? Obviously I'd teach him not to touch, but we are doing that with the dishwasher and he still manages to turn it on every once in a while. I don't want him to be able to do that with the oven. Is there any way to lock the settings?

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Here is the explanation I found on the GE website (the link to this is below so you can see the video). Also I looked through a couple of GE Café range manuals where they discussed the Control Lockout on 'some models,' but I suppose those manuals were written pre Summer 2013 because they showed it locking out burners as well.

You may have to verify with GE Support about the specific model you are looking at.

"Range - Explanation of the Lockout Feature

The range Lockout feature allows the user to lock out all oven and surface burner operation. When locked, there can be no unintended oven or surface burner activation.

Note: As of summer 2013, the control lockout button locks out the oven controls only, not the gas burners.

To activate: Range Lockout pad Start
To deactivate feature: repeat the steps listed above.

If the power fails to the home while the range lockout feature is activated, the range lockout feature will remain activated once the power has been restored.

The range lockout feature can also be activated while the surface burners are in use. Once range lockout has been activated the gas will stop flowing to the surface burners. The control panel will flash to remind you to turn the surface burner off.

Caution: If the surface burner is left in the on position gas will flow once the range lockout feature has been deactivated.

Note: Cooktops with control lock feature, when the lock is engaged and a burner is turned on, the cooktop will buzz and no gas will come out.

View a short video about about the lockout feature.""

Here is a link that might be useful: GE Lockout Button

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I have the GE Profile Gas double oven - PGS950SEFSS. My kitchen is "Winfield Kitchen" on Houzz. The range is hidden by the island but you can kind of see the controls. I love the angled controls in front.

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Also, spartans99, I see you mentioned that you liked this model because both ovens are convection. You have probably already bought by now but in case you have not - PLEASE NOTE: only the bottom (larger) oven is convection. That did not affect my buying decision.

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I too am looking to buy the GE Cafe cgs985setss
The one thing that has me a little worried is I see some people mention the knobs get really hot and you can burn your fingers if you don't use pot holders. Currently we don't have to use any pot holders on our knobs

Have any of you had this problem?

I was going to go with the GE Cafe that had the storage drawer and no small oven, but after seeing the better oval burner and the griddle, the small lower oven then became a bonus and from the looks of it you can still store small fry pans in the bottom if you take out the stainless wrack.

Have any of you used it for storage when not using it for a 2nd oven?

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