Ironing board moved out of the laundry

dayenuJune 27, 2005

My husband added an in-wall ironing board center to my dressing room, which meant I finally had to reorganize, give away alot of stuff to good will and toss the irredeemables. This feels so good. Wonder how long it will stay neat.

Here is a link that might be useful: My dressing room when it's clean

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The ironing board is one of my biggest problems (see the thread on shirts that need ironing). If I could have a dressing room w/ a drop-down ironing board, I would, in a flash. I keep trying to figure out how I coudl shoe-horn it in to my current space. I don't want to mount it on your beautiful mahogany-veneer doors, and all the wall space is covered w/ dressers or the bed, or door ways.

Good for you!

(how long it will stay neat? well, for a few weeks anyway--until you start outgrowing stuff, either physically or emotionally, or buy about 4 new things. With clothes, this is a constant process)

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I remember in the olden days homes were built with ironing boards built in. They were usually in the kitchen behind a cabinet door. Don't ever see them anymore.

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but why would I want to iron in the kitchen? that's where I cook?

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because irons were heated on the stove?

Because clothes were washed in the kitchen?

Because the kitchen was the woman's workroom?

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yes TalleySue... all past tense, thank goodness. If my husband wants something ironed he begs and does me a favor :-)

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