Is it safe to use bleach or BKF with pol. chrome sink strainer?

kaysdFebruary 24, 2013

I am considering buying the Kohler Duostrainer. My sink is SS and faucets are polished chrome. I can justify paying $40 for the PC Duostrainer rather than using the strainer that came with the sink, but over $100 for stainless seems too high.

I have seen posts that say to buy stainless rather than nickel or ORB strainers, as the finish on those can be damaged by cleaning products like bleach or Bar Keeper's Friend. What about polished chrome for a strainer or GD flange? Is the finish on polish chrome easily damaged by cleaning products?

Alternatively, are there high quality SS basket strainers made by another company that cost less than the Kohler?

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Fori is not pleased

I don't think chrome can be hurt by anything! Okay, avoid harsh abrasives (although I use Comet and the like with no ill-effect). Bleach is fine. There's a reason chrome has been popular for so long. It's really GOOD.

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I've used BKF on my polished chrome fixtures (kitchen and bath) for over a decade without issue. I'm not a big bleach user so can't comment on that.

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Thanks for the reassurance. I'm usually a soft scrub girl, but DH feels the need to pour bleach down the drain every so often. Of course, that urge may go away with the nasty sink, disposal and pipes the PO left us, lol.

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Fori is not pleased

Isn't the active ingredient in Soft Scrub bleach? Or do I just buy the "Soft Scrub with Bleach" version? I used to soak my pink Corian sink overnight in bleach every so often to keep it pink. Chrome can take it. Just ends up shinier. :)

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I know you have already gotten the message that bleach and oxalic acid (BKF) are safe for chrome. Thought I would point out that the reason stainless steel is stainless is BECAUSE of the chromium that is in it. Chromium forms an oxide on the surface of itself (or on stainless steel) that protects the rest of the metal from corroding.

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Fori, I don't know if all Soft Scrub has bleach, or just the bottlles that say "with Bleach."

Angie, thanks for the explanation -- good to know!

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