A load off my shoulders and out of my house!

brugloverZ9June 29, 2008

Spurred on by the reading I have done on this forum, today when I spoke to my Mom who is 86, I told her I was trying to declutter. I told her it was hard for me to get rid of stuff that was gifts and that she had made for me. She said, you will not hurt my feeling, if you don't have a need for it or don't want it, get rid of it!!

This will make my decluttering much easier as I was putting aside items she made or had given me.

It is like a weight off of me...now I can go ahead and make a clean sweep of my house!

I am so glad that I thought to talk to her about it, rather than just have guilty feeling about getting rid of the things or holding onto them, unhappily.

A big step for me...& I was thinking maybe some of you could do that also...instead of waiting for things to become heirlooms and then really having a problem & not knowing how our family member feels about it.

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Congrats on making that call! Maybe I should do the same regarding the beautiful pillowcases with the crocheted roses at the hem and the crocheted border. Never used 'em, should do so just to see what kind of a really weird imprint it will leave on my face.......


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Your mother gave it to you as a gift and not a burden. When you are tired of something and it is still in good shape you pass it on to someone else that will love it. No one ever has to keep something just because someone gave it to them.

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