Giving away...getting easy with giving away!

brugloverZ9June 20, 2008

So happy to see that this is true! It is giving me such pleasure to have alittle room in my closets and to organize what I actually use. I want to keep emptying and emptying! Truthfully, I never expected to feel so good about it!

Have you found this to be true too?


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Yep, definitely..
In my loo, I have a saying:
"A man is rich in proportion to the number of things he can afford to let go" Henry Thoreau
I'm at the "maintenance" stage of decluttering, and I keep a permanent box, just for "give aways", to add to as I find and then donate when it's full. As i go about tidying or cleaning, I find myself actively looking for things to put in there, and get a little thrill every time I do.

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Yes, it does feel good to go through stuff and get rid of things. I am not much of a saver but when I get in the mood things start leaving the house.

Still need to do that in the garage.

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I think my DH might be a hoarder because he keeps everything and continues buying and never has a desire to go through and clean out. I on the other hand don't hesitate to remove things I'm not using. He is letting me clean his closet and I've already removed 7 bags. There's so much stuff he has accumulated it will take time to sort it all out and reconfigure his whole closet but I'm very happy that he's letting me do this. This part of the house has been like a black hole to me and now I'm going in there to shine some light on it and cleaning is the greatest feeling and then I'm going to paint it, too.

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