How do you use the inside of your cabinet doors?

BellsmomJune 2, 2012

I am looking for steel strips with moveable hooks that mount inside kitchen cabinet doors. Anyone know of any such thing?

Please help.


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You could combine this:

with this:

I'm also a big fan of the Command hooks for something like this--they're what i use if I think I might want to move the hook around.

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Oh, and I've also used the Command adhesive strips (extras that came with a few hooks already in use) to stick up other brands of hooks. This is useful if you found a stick-on hook you like (small enough, etc.) but the adhesive is too permanent.

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I read a blog regularly and this week's post may interest you. I have cuphooks on the inside of cabinet doors to hang specific things--collander, apple peeler, etc.

Here is a link that might be useful: Sew Many Ways blog

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a local steel shop is the cheapest. I am so sad....I think that I just got called out in the local .....I had a good interview ....ugg

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The command clear hooks were the best bet for my original project. Here's a pic:

And here you can see the open drawer MW with the easily accessible lids.

Then because I had extra hooks, I put some on the seldom opened corner susan doors. Saved a whole drawer's worth of space!

I hadn't seen the command clear hooks before this project. Once again, thanks GW!

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