Shredding Company?

kraftdeeJune 17, 2008

I have a ton of paper to shred from a prior business. Does anyone know how I can go about finding a shredding company in my area that I can trust? I keep putting it off because I just don't know what to do. Our shredder at home is 8 pages at a time and this job is way too big for that.

Thanks in advance for any advice you can offer.

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Check the Yellow Pages. What exactly is your trust issue? Do you think they are going to sell the paper shreds? Huge amount of paper shredded - absolutely NO ONE is going to want to sort it out!

Seriously, an identity theft person would not be going through shredded business records. They hunt through home garbage for stuff to steal. If you are truly out of business - bank accounts closed, and no sensitive customer information in your files - just set it out in the recycling pile. Otherwise, any local business who shreds will serve the purpose.

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I would imagine that any place that would shred it for you would either let you or make you put it through the machine itself.

If you have or had a lawyer or accountant, you could check w/ them and see if they'd let you use their shredder, or if they'd give you advice on what you needed to shred and what could just be tossed in the paper garbage.

I agree w/ Mary_C--if the business is completely closed, bank accounts closed, etc., you can probably just toss it.

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Several of the medical facilities I have worked in have given up on trying to maintain hundreds of individual shredders and instead contract with a company that comes out and shreds the paper on site. Then they haul off the shredded paper & recycle it. I would think one of these companies would be willing to do a one time job.

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I was at a hospital this morning, bringing my DH in for a routine test. They had a large container with a shredder and it gave a name of the shredding company. I forgot it now, but then did a google search and many are listed in it. Some even said cross shredding, small and large jobs.

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Check with your local government. Ours has a recycling day when they will shred for free.

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I have client personal info --that's the problem of tossing it. I haven't made a trip to Staples yet but hoping can do thre tomorrow. Thanks for all your replies. I'll check it out and report back...

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If you are still looking try a company by the name of Shred-It, they are nationwide and provide confidential shredding services. We use it in our clinics.

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