Renewing Hex Tile Floors

vjrntsJuly 15, 2008

I am removing old vinyl tile from the floor in our vestibule. Under the vinyl is the original tile from 1922. It's damaged; the entire vestibule has a crack running front to back. I don't know if it can be repaired, but the first step is to get it uncovered and cleaned up, and then we'll evaluate. The first picture is of a substantial chunk of the floor, and the second is a close up of a few tiles that aren't all masticked up.

I have used Franmar's Bean-ee-doo to dissolve some of the old mastic and it's working pretty well. (I have no connection to the company at all, just saying what I'm doing.) I'm wondering if I can sand the floor, too; someone mentioned to me that wet sanding with black sandpaper would be ok, because the color and texture of the tile goes all the way through.

Does anyone here have any advice?

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You might try posting this on the bathroom forum, there are folks there who know this answer quite well. I remember reading there that the hex can be sanded down with a marble sander for a soft fresh flat surface.

I uncovered my bathroom hex which was under squares laid in the 60's. In that case, the glue was black, and it turned out that putting down very HOT water (a puddle) and allowing it to sit for a while dissolved the glue. Then use an abbrasive pad to scrub it off. This also worked in our kitchen when we uncovered the old maple floor.

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Thanks, Lauren. I'll run over to the bathroom forum. I notice that Bill Vincent posts there; he's been incredibly helpful in the kitchen forum, so I hope he'll have some advice for me too!

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