Fluffy bedspreads --out of style?

marge727June 25, 2008

I have the poufy quilted bedspreads with matching shams. Just took them off for summer. But I noticed that in Architectural digest most of the beds shown don't use those bedspreads. I was reading it in my dentist's office. I am tempted to get rid of them and just go with simple lightweight quilts that can be tucked in. I live in SoCal so we are don't need to bundle up for really cold weather. What do you think?

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I think you should go with what YOU like, not whatever you see in the current magazines!

I personally never liked 'fluffy', so never had that in my house...

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It seems these days what you see is more lean and clean, to fit with the modern and minimalistic styles that are more prevalent. I like a simpler, lighter bed covering in the summer anyway, and save my down comforter for winter, when a fluffy cover feels like comfort. Currently, I'm using the duvet cover (alone without the comforter) on my bed, which seems to fit the season, without the fluff. If you like it though, don't worry about it!

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Remember, those are the summer issues.

It's your bedroom. It should make you happy and relaxed to look at it.

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I don't pay attention to what's in style. Personally, I love the old chenille bedspreads. They've been out of style for decades but they make me happy!

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I agree with the OPs.. if you love it then it's in style.
I have the modern streamlined look, but that's just because I actually wore my old 30 year old stuff out, and didn't buy anything new, because we were planning to build. Then whe we built our new house, I had to get new stuff. It was funny because some of our younger married friends were visiting, and one of them said, "I can't wait till I get to your stage in life, and I can chuck everything out and buy all brand new stuff again". And I just shook my head, and said "let me tell you something, my dears, I didn't just throw our stuff out... I WORE it out.. there's a big difference".
And personally, even though I have modern and streamlined in our home, I love going to stay at my parents house, and SIL's house, and snuggling under their chenille and puffy bedspreads. LOL

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I agree, whatever you prefer IS your style, whether or not its fashionable! And yes, your taste is allowed to change. :)

Personally I use only twin size lightweight down comforters covered with vintage/antique duvet covers, two to a queen sized bed - in the German Style. Each person has their own covers! And all my bed linens are white. I probably won't see anything like my beds in a magazine, but its my style. :)
If I do see something I like in a magazine, I never hesitate to copy the idea!

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We do the same thing with covers. My Mom was astonished in a bad way when she first saw it!


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I just saw this posted on home decorating and I think it looks beautiful and about as fluffy as you can get....

I hope the poster doesn't mind me putting it up here!
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I had a heavy puffy quilted bedspread that was a gift from SIL. I used it because I know it must have cost her a lot of money. It was too hot for me, and too heavy. Making my bed was becoming an uncomfortable chore. And the colors were dark. I hated it. So I rolled it in a ball and stuck it in a closet. A year later, I pulled it out and it smelled bad! so I threw it away. What a liberating feeling! I was rid of something dark, gloomy and smelly that I hated! Just my opinion. I replaced it with a simple light blanket. Yes, fluffy bedspreadeds are out of style, at least in my house!

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We have hot summers and reasonably chilly winters and so I currently have a somewhat poufy comforter whose colors and pattern I still LOVE after 7 years--makes me happy- plus a light cotton quilt in blues and white, so I do a semi-annual type of switch, and it works for me. The poufy comforter is divine in winter but too hot in August. The switch satisfies my yearning for occasional change of pace.

The only down side is that the big comforter (king size bed) takes up a lot of room to store, when it's not on the bed; hence I drew the line at those 2 items and have resisted having an entire wardrobe of covers. However, if I ever do have to replace it, I would not again get something so poufy just because I would simplify to things that were more versatile and took up less room and even with a large washer I can't wash it at home.

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frankie_in_zone_7 makes a good point about seasonal switching - come December the magazines may be featuring fluffy-puffy bedding again!

Maria, We know what is what! ;)
Hope your Mom has come to like your duvets.


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Oh, she got used to it after a while... shaking her head from time to time.

We don´t have duvets, too hot for us. Just twin cotton sheets in the summer, twin light cotton coverlets in fall / spring and twin lightweight wool blankets in winter.


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