10 Trends for 2014? Once Again, GW Ahead of the Curve?..

kswl2February 7, 2014

This is the Feb. 5th post on the Hooked on Houses blog, one of my favorite for the wide range of styles and themes presented (although the comments, usually knee jerk gushing tributes to the house featured, not so much a favorite, lol).

Each of the Ten Trends for 2014 from Better Homes and Gardens have already been discussed, explicated, expounded upon, illustrated with photos, and otherwise dealt with in this forum--- some of the "trends" have been talked about here for years. Sometimes I think those ideas actually come from here ;-)

If you've somehow missed this blog, it's worth a look....I am a shameless reader of the celebrity houses, movie location houses and cottages.

Here is a link that might be useful: Hooked on Houses, Decorating

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Annie Deighnaugh

Hah! You're right. We've discussed just about every one of them...most of them old hat for us. Though I don't remember discussing taxidermy recently. So glad to know my foyer antlers which were kitschy are now on trend...and I didn't have to do a thing!

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Thank you for sharing this- I don't follow the blogs much so this summary and the home forum is what I rely on.
I guess I can rest assured that I am getting all the up to date musings on here...
I did enjoy the comments on the trends and agreed with most. (like how grey leaves me cold, but then again I guess with more brass /gold tones it's not so dreary)... I don't care for dhurries. I like the looks but many I have seen are not comfy and often have a bad odor.
love me some navy though!

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Oh yes, there was a big discussion a few years ago about the antlerfest in decorating. I remember in particular a show house or something, maybe in Florida, that had those little plaques and horns/ antlers everywhere, it was incongruous and not in an especially cool way. We have a big 'ole set of antlers sitting on our living room hearth as a curiosity and local color----DH and DS1 unearthed them from a beaver lodge when they broke up a dam in the creek years ago. I put them there specifically to spoof the whole cute resin antler accessory thing :-)

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Thanks for sharing kswl....Im glad the new brasses are the toned down version..they are pretty. I think I still have some of the bright, shiny stuff in my basement. With apologies to Annie, but just can't get behind taxidermy of any kind. Wallpaper can really spice up a room and be beautiful but the nightmare of taking it down makes me hesitate to ever use it again. Am have to going to have to check out this blog...I'd never heard of it.

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I have always loved warm grays. I remember coaxing my boyfriend to paint his room gray. That was in 1998.

I wish they would share the paint color in the photo.

Does anyone have any idea as to what paint color they used? I love it!

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So should I take my dhurries out of the rummage sale donation box and put them back on the floor? They were an inexpensive way to to decorate back in the 1980s, along with the brass candlesticks. Oh, and brass is coming back, too! Hmm, this winter I've been wearing my legwarmers...are we in a time warp? (I wouldn't mind, I liked my dhurries and our house still has a some of the original unlacquered brass hardware)

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Ditto what Joanie said. I have memories of deer heads and taxidermied ducks (real) in a former basement and an ex who had to have them on display. It was ok for a while, but you can't seem to get rid of them. Same nightmares removing wallpaper back in the day. I do admit to having a box of nice unlacquered brass stuff tucked away, so at some point I may resurrect some of it. Never was a huge fan of dhurries except for a throw rug or two.

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Annie Deighnaugh

Actually I was surprised...a place up the street from us was chock full of stuffed animals...all kinds and sizes...his family room was one gigantic trophy room. They had a tag sale to clear the place out and I was stunned at how many animals went.

In addition to my antlers in the foyer, we do have Phil the Pheasant in DH's study...it was a gift a friend of the family rec'd who couldn't stand it so she gave it to MIL. He's been with us ever since...not a bad lookin' bird.

I think of it as rescuing them from obscurity...

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Lol, Annie!

Dh had a partner who was a big game hunter.... American bison, Alaskan Black bear, exotica from other countries... They had heads in their DR. Talk about an appetite killer.

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Hey, if you need a desk with two bookshelves made of pine and cowhide, 7'x8', there's one for free on CL in the DC area.

Here is a link that might be useful: pine and cowhide desk and book shelves

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I already have and will keep 4 out of 10 so who's ahead of who?

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I don't think taxidermy is sticking antlers on a skull.

I had a boss one time who was an avid hunter, and had all sorts of animals taxidermied and displayed in his office . .. since his wife wouldn't have them in their home. Creepy!

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Nice blog, KSWL! I stopped letting these kinds of lists dictate what I buy for the house years ago, but still find them very interesting. I love decorating and so it will be fun to see the room designs that come out of it.

As for where "they" get their list items, I am totally convinced that it's from following sites like this one. Listening to what we're talking about. What interests us and what doesn't. So, yes, I do think this site influences these lists to some extent.

As for this year's specific list items, I have no interest in putting up any taxidermy-type piece, real or fake. I won't be painting any rooms gray, warm or cool . . . . although I can definitely appreciate them in others' homes. Have never liked using gold or brass in my house, so I'm sticking with silver and pewter. Love painted furniture and there's a lot of it out here with the Mexican influence. Never have liked wallpaper in my house, but can appreciate it other places. I would love to paint our front door turquoise, which is very common in New Mexico. The longtime belief is that turquoise helps to ward off/ keep out bad spirits. Our door is very heavy and handmade, though, and DH thinks it would ruin it. I don't and will continue to try and talk him into it. I already have statement lighting in my house; don't need any more, though. Schoolhouse is quaint and I like it as long as it doesn't get cutesy, but don't want it here. As for Dhurries, I've had them, like them, but Oriental rugs last longer and are softer, so that's what I use.

Thanks for posting such an interesting thread!

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I'll see if I can convince my Dh that we need some "feminine aura" in our home and buy myself a toss pillow in a pastel.

Pretty much no to everything else.

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I agree with you KSWL, pretty out of date article purporting to be about trends.

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Annie Deighnaugh

Reminds me of an old NYer cartoon where a fellow in his LR is talking to another fellow and on his wall are mounted the rear ends of all these wild animals. The caption reads, "The fellow next door is a big game hunter."

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I received a trend update in my in-box today from a gift show in New York.

A trend that caught my eye was:

â¢âÂÂDivine WomanhoodâÂÂ: images of women whose beauty evokes both strength and femininity.

I like this one too:

â¢Marriage of science and art in objects: molecules, vintage medicine, and curiosities that push boundaries of quirkiness.

Here is a link that might be useful: Some other trends

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While I like that blog I think she has 'cherry-picked' the trends she prefers to feature from the countless trends that are on other sites. Most she mentions, if not all, are not new this year, some are on their way out according to many decorators.

There are so many opinions on trends on many sites and they don't all agree. I've never thought BHG is an up-to-date source for any designs.

Taxidermy is not horns and antlers. It is hides and stuffed dead animals and fish. I've had a steer hide for many years and don't care whether it's a trend or not. It belonged to an animal we raised on our ranch.

Never doing wallpaper again as I've had to strip waaay too much of it from houses we reno'd. Altho I do like some of it very much.

Always interesting to read other's opinions on trends on forums, I almost never read comments on blogs as there are so many inane ones.

As to whether bloggers get ideas from this forum, nothing would surprise me! I know I've had photos 'stolen' from forums and know they are widely read.

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i've done it all ...like two years ago. except taxidermy.
yeah. that's not happening.

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Agree with luckygal about taxidermy. There's a difference between a stuffed and mounted deer head, and the antlers and skull that's in the BHG pic. Most of the trendy horns and antlers I've seen in magazines have been faux... not the stuffed kind you see in Wisconsin's bars up north. I guess they're "taxidermy inspired..."

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I keep picturing in my mind, two or three years down the calendar, thrift and second hand stores being dumping grounds for piles upon piles of antlers and unwanted decorating animals!

BTW, HoH is the only blog I follow regularly. Someone in GW probably pointed me in that direction a while back. Thanks. :)

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Lol, falcon, I worry about aliens landing and going into a house with animal heads mounted on the walls... Or attending a wedding with a bridezilla in full throttle. They might feel a responsibility to blow up the planet!

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"Marriage of science and art" - Steampunk influences have been inching into decorating. I have seen it even in the mainstream stuff I run into. Maybe about six years ago I tried to talk my husband into letting me put these great used lab cabinets with resin tops into the kitchen, but he nixed it. I would have had to have spent big money on extra cabs as most of the ones I was buying were file drawer size. But 30" deep resin tops! I ended up putting them in the garage, instead. They were only $600.

Now I am planning the bathroom. The first place I looked online was in Chicago, at place that often has dental cabinets - the white enameled steel ones with black trim with the many shallow drawers. DH nixed that, too. He just is not imaginative. Too conventional. But when I met him, he already owned a picture of a jazz combo made out of watch parts. It is in him somewhere, but it is subtle.

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Elraes Miller

Deedee, Oddly there are many items already sitting in my home from those mentioned. I'm a mix of rustic and have been for years, they aren't new to me. What was mentioned sounds like what has already been. Yes, steampunk in a way, but I thought all mentioned were things we are moving away from. This is when I get totally confused about trends.

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Technicolor, you're right steampunk has trended downward. For those who discovered it a few years back and then lost interest, well, they never loved it in the first place. Rather fickle if you ask me!

I will dub the trends âÂÂDivine Womanhoodâ and "Marriage of science and art" as part of a new trend ..

The Illuminati Trend.

From wiki - "The backlash against superstition, prejudice, religious influence over public life, abuses of state power, and to support women's education and gender equality.

Seems to fit, no?

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Re: divine womanhood. So, my little collection that I've been building for more than a decade is on trend?
Yay for me, hahaha! All feature women, although it's hard to see the pencils.

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Very nice insight.
Our counties, country, and world would all benefit from that aspiration IMHO.

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Thank you Julie! Maybe it will be the new design meme?

Alex9179, I always think of people who paint a wall black as so brave. That first swipe with the roller must feel liberating once the decision is made. Bravo to your fabulous wall!

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Oh, deedee99, you nailed it, The Illumaniti Trend, you need to copyright that, woman. Alex9179, love your Divine Womanhood wall, you are prescient indeed.


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I've covered a few trends in that dining room. The walls are actually a deep, deep blue so that's navy ticked. Gallery wall, women, "heritage" pieces (used to call them my grandparents' hand-me-downs, lol), mixed materials, things (actually) collected over the years, and golds. It's trend overload in there!

I love this room and the color gives a feeling of infinity in the evening since I painted the ceiling, too. We eat in there every night, which is probably a funny picture. Fancy chandelier, moody walls, and we're in sweats!

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I live 1 mile from the state of Kansas. Need I say more?

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Julie, I used to live east of Brookside in the 'hood. I loved my little 1942 house and my neighbors were wonderful. I miss KC so much, except in the winter!

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Deedee, you might want to rename that trend as the word-- with one very minor vowel change--- is already universally known as a secret religious group working against the Roman Catholic church as well as having members of the church working from within, and is associated with conspiracy / cabal theories, sensational journalism, Dan Brown's dreadful writing and nutcases in general. A less culturally burdened term would probably be more desirable!

Edited for clarity--- I made it sound as though the organization was part of the church, when the popular lore is about the people within the church working against it from within.... Even describing it makes one sound crazy, lol!

This post was edited by kswl on Sun, Feb 9, 14 at 12:29

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This last week has been a doozy. Some schools were closed the whole week due to snowfall or wind chill.

We lived in Brookside until this summer, when we "south sized" to a place with HOA and "no mow, no snow". So we are enjoying the lack of outside work. Those older homes in Brookside are so beautiful, but are a lot of work.

Hope it's warm today where you are.

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It's supposed to by 71 today, with rain and cooler temps coming tomorrow. Still, better than a foot of snow with ice hiding underneath!

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kslw, I'm missing something. Which vowel?

ps. I promise I'm not one of the nutcases, thought the devil is in the details when it comes to design. lol!

alex, substitute my 'black' with deep, deep blue. Still a bravo!

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