Ceiling fan re-purposed to the garage!

claire_de_lunaJune 28, 2008

Hooray! When we remodeled last year, we took down our Victorian styled ceiling fan in the bedroom, for a simpler more updated fan with light fixture that fits the room. We saved the old fan, and found it again after we cleaned out the garage to have a yard sale. I thought (at the time) that since we had the fan anyway, why not put it up in the garage, over a workbench I designed for my dh. (He'd never had a workbench before that he could actually work at, and I just knew that fan would make the area much more comfortable to work in.) Well, it's taken a while, but the planets aligned, the temperature was perfect and Today was The Day. Hoooooooray! We have a working fan with four (ugly) CFL's, for air movement and plenty of light! It's a bit eclectic, but who cares...it's the garage! (I also have my grandmother's 1920's velvet painting hanging over a hole in the plaster wall, so you might say it fits the ambiance!) Having that fan there is inspiring me to spend the 20 minutes I (only) need to clean up the rest of the garage, because it has been so uncomfortable out there! Don't you just love when a ''re-purpose'' works out exactly the way you planned it?

You know what else? I noticed my Pia Hydrangeas are blooming a little too pink for my taste, and went after the Aluminum Sulfate in my gardening cabinet (to turn them blue) and put my hands on it IMMEDIATELY. I just love a well organized space! Now I know this isn't exciting to anyone but me, but...I knew exactly where it was. That garage had been the bane of my ''wanna' be'' organized existence for Years. No More! I am such a happy camper.

Has anyone else re-purposed anything lately?

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Today I see my post as cluttering the forum here. I'll just re-post so this will float off into oblivion. I hope you all find what you're looking for in your quest for an organized life!

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I think folks (like me) were confused, and that is why no one responded.

To me, re-purposing is using something designed for one use in a totally different manner.
Like when I took the sofa table out of the living room and used it in the guest room as a headboard.

Your story was about taking down a ceiling fan and using it... as a ceiling fan.

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Sorry for the confusion.

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I read posts like this one and think, "that's a great idea!" But I'm such a slug about getting stuff like that done that the fan would sit around until it rusted and then ended up in the trash.

Right now I am trying to get myself around to freecycling a stand alone fan that works but makes a funny noise. I was going to take it apart and find the noise, but I know won't.

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Thank you graywings. The fan box was at the bottom of a pile that had started growing around the workbench, and was looking like trash! I don't know if this helps, but are the blades of your fan hitting the fan cage? If it's in the motor, it might be the bearings and not worthing saving, although I did once have an old brass blade fan that made (bearing noises) when upright, but turned it upside down was fine. Since the cast iron base had holes in it, we screwed that fan to the ceiling (without the cage since it was up high and out of the way) and ran it for years.

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I'm just proud FOR you!!!! I would love to be able to SEE in my garage....much less have "air conditioning". Sounds like you have it all and it all sounds great! ;^)

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Aw, thanks jaybird. I don't exactly have it all, but it certainly is much improved!

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Yes, I love it when things like that happen!

I recently got a nice oak school teachers desk to replace an ugly old metal desk I had in my house. When hubby took the old metal desk out to the garage (I was going to put it on craigslist or freecycle) I found that he started using the drawers for his screwdrivers and ratchet sets, etc! The large file drawer was the right size for a jigsaw and another power tool. So he can have it. Another garage success story.

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Good one!
He saved a lot of money re-purposing that desk... tool chests can cost a small fortune.

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Neesie, that's funny...my dad also had one in the garage, just for his tools. In fact, he added a grinder, a vise and some other things, to the top of it, and used it for many years like a workbench. I love when you take something from one room and make it work in another.

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I have occasionally taken my husband out of the den and made HIM work in the garage...but I don't think that's what you meant....;>)

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I know this is an old thread, but in case the OP is still around the forum, I want to say THANK YOU! I am about to copy your example, and am a little chagrinned that I might not have hung our old fan if I hadn't read your post.

Like many folks these days, we're on an austerity kick. Aside from groceries and gas, I don't buy anything without at least a 24 hr. cooling off period and some serious thought about whether it's a want or a need.

We're finally getting around to decluttering and fixing up our basement garage. Last year, dh removed two ceiling fans that he replaced with light fixtures found at a closeout sale. One fan then replaced a single bulb ceiling fixture in the center of the master bathroom (there are plenty of other lights.) The other has been sitting in the basement unused and forgotten.

I priced floor fans online earlier today, then happened to come here to look for garage organizing inspiration and ran across this thread. There's no need to buy a new fan after all - yay! We live in the deep south, so I felt that a fan was certainly a "need" if we expect to do any work down there this summer, but it's nice to now be able to reallocate those funds for some other necessity.

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rockmanor, you made my day, Thank You! I have to say the fan has worked out extremely well and in addition, we replaced what was once a single light fixture with added light by re-using the four-bulb light kit. It's funny that we have cycled around to needing to (AGAIN) clean the garage, but I'm hoping it will go much more quickly this time. It's great to re-use items, especially when it makes sense for placement and utility, and I'm all about saving money! I don't understand why ceiling fans have gone out of favor since they still make sense to me, even though I do realize the need to update things occasionally. I hope it works out as well for you as it has for us.

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I must have missed this post last year, but thanks, I think that is a great idea. When we replace the fan in our bedroom, it might just end up in the garage!
Have to tell you, we added on to our home and took out the picture window. I now have the only garage with a picture window facing the lake! Every time I pull into the garage I look at the beautiful view and DH put his work bench under the window. His tomato plants are sitting on it til past the fear of freeze.
Kathy G in MI

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I have an old bank signature card file cabinet (60" X 36")that I repurposed to the garage. Instead of the drawers labeled A thru E; F thru I, etc. I have:
Paint Supplies
Power Cords
Hand Tools
Power Tools
Craft Supplies

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I just saw this post and think it is great idea. too often the garage area is the last we make comfortable passing the idea on to DS's. also want to mention DS's garage has a really (at least 5 feet wide) big window and one day found an iron grate on the side of the road and had it put on the outside. now no worries aout someone busting in .

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When you mentioned using a desk in the garage, I remembered a friend who was given one of those big old roll-top desks. It is in her garage and she keeps all her gardening supplies in there. Seeds in one place, ties in another. She uses it for potting also and likes that she can close down the top so that all looks nice and clean.

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