How to fix minor peeling on a tin ceiling?

la_koalaJuly 25, 2007


My husband and I bought an 1900's house a year ago, and one of the rooms has a tin ceiling, painted white. I noticed on the floor the other day a paint flake and looked up to see a small area on the ceiling where the paint had flaked off. It is about 1/2 inch in diameter or less--but the paint looks flaky around the now-bare spot.

Is there a way that we can "touch-up" the peeling area and avoid having to fix the entire ceiling?

I haven't examined the bare spot closely enough yet to see if there's some systemic issue. The rest of the ceiling looks perfect. We live in an area of summer humidity and salt air, so I'd like to know what to do in case the environment is just going to make it worse.

You can assume that we know very little at this point about what questions to ask--I'm just beginning researching on the Web.



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Remove the flaking paint, prime and top coat. Getting it to match the current color will be the trickiest part of the project unless you know what color it was .

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Thanks Ron!

At least the first part sounds easy enough. I can see what you mean about matching the current color--the paint looks such a stark white. I'll have to check the paint cans that the previous owner left us and see if anything looks remotely similar.


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When you climb up to remove the rest of the flaking paint, save a few of the largest paint chips to take in and have the color matched by the store computer. If it's a big enough chip, you should also be able to tell what kind of finish it has; eggsheel, satin, gloss, flat...

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If you are down to the bare tin, latex paint will cause it to rust which will bleed through the paint. After you get a good layer of oil based (or whatever the current substitute is) paint covering it then subsequent coats can be latex with no problem.

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littledog and judeny, belated thanks for those great tips!

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