I'm proud of myself but still have questions

marie26June 28, 2006

When I'm working for someone else, I try (and usually succeed due to the nature of the job) to complete every task on my desk. But when I need to mail back forms, request information, make appointments for the family and the dog, I am the worst procrastinator.

Well, today, I started at 8:30 am and completed every task on my list. Some of these should have been taken care of a month ago but at least it's all done now and I can breathe easier.

I even wrote down all the appointments in a pocket calendar and when I sent out the various items. Is this the best way of keeping track of things?

How do I file what's been sent out? Is it best to keep it all in one place and file into the proper folder when it's been taken care of?

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Yay, Marie! What an inspiration. I'm like you, I don't do stuff for me.

The stuff that got sent out--will something else remind you of it later? Will you get a reply in the mail, or something? Then I'd file those things away.

Something that you need to initiate the next step on, maybe put in a "to do" spot (I'd hang it on my calendar hook or stick it in my backpack)

One argument for filing it away is, you can find it when you need it (i.e., you realize that no one has called you back from the insurance company)

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Good for you, Marie. I've been procrastinating over several medical bills lately and really need to get them gone.

Appointments--once they are on the calendar I throw anything else away. I will note if I need to take something with me, like shot records. I live by my calendar and find it is a really good record for "when and what." Easy to keep for several years, too.

I have a file at the front of my hanging file folders. It's labeled ORDERS, but it's acutally pretty generic for items like you mention. If I have a credit card dispute, I'll put it there until settled. If I order something from a catalog, I put it there until the items come and I determine I don't need to return anything. Almost all of these items I can throw away once "whatever" is finalized.

If something is already part of an ongoing file, then I will put the paperwork there. I've been collecting things for my Teacher Retirement System, so rather than having them separate until items return, I just put it in my TRS folder. It's right there when I file the other things and I can decide to keep or pitch as needed.


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