Candle organization?

beanwabrJune 13, 2011

I went a tad overboard at Bath & Body Works semi-annual sale with candle purchases. I got all the sizes, small medium & large. I'd like to have them within easy reach so I can just grab and burn whichever one, whenever I'd like. Right now I have them still in the bag; looking for a storage solution. Any ideas? Thanks!

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I store candles in a linen chest right inside the front door. It also holds extra sunglasses, house keys for guests, and table linens.

Look for a drawer you can clean out, and put a lighter and candle holders there too. It wouldn't hurt to also store a flashlight there, and you'll know where to head if the power goes out.

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Think about whether you do best with "at hand" storage or centralized. If you have a main area that is the most common place you use the candles, see if you can store them -plus all the go-with's as claire said above--right near by. For me it makes me more likely to use them. I use a drawer in a buffet and I do keep the lighter and holders there too.

Also--and it's too late to hear this--I am moving back toward less candles is less work. I too get all fired up about them, I like certain colors or scents in certain rooms and seasons, used to like varying heights, using 3 together, all sorts of things. Then I would find that I needed to keep so many in order to fill out my "arrangements" or match or whatever, and one day it just all seemed like so much hoo-ha. In particular I have become disenamored of tall pillars because I end up wasting them unless I also use a saw or something to cut down and start fresh.

So to some extent this can be overcome by simplifying one's candle system--stick with all unscented white, or all red, or all a certain size. But, you might find that your next plan is to buy fewer candles, regardless of price!

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I keep all my candles stacked on a small table in my family room. I like to look at them, some are in interesting glass bottles,they are all different colors, and I think some of their scent diffuses into the room. Stacked tallest in back, etc they provide a little "interest." My cat leaves them alone, guess she doesn't like the scent.

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I have a basket that I keep all my votives in. It is on a shelf in my back bedroom so whenever I go in there, it smells yummy. I have a bottom shelf in a corner hutch that my jar candles all fit in. I don't like/use pillar candles and only use tapers for special occassions which I store in the fridge. I have a local candle store I frequent and they do candle refills for $.75 an ounce in whatever container you want. So I'm always taking in jars I find interesting to have filled w/candle wax of my favorite scents. Needless to say, I am looking for another storage area which I think is going to be a shelf in the in the entertainment center. I've just recently discovered Scentsy so have been buying those whenever I'm invited to a party. Haven't tried B&BW candles yet. I don't dare...I'll need a whole room just for candle storage at the rate I'm going!! :o)

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Keep in mind that sometimes the scents can make a canary sick.(should you happen to keep birds around)

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