They Wrecked it!!!!

rebeccamomof123February 25, 2013

Demo day is here!!!

So, yesterday we let our kids have a 'wreck the kitchen' party with their friends.

Today my GC showed up at 7 am and in less than an hour, my sink was in the dumpster, my cabinets were ripped out and we're attempting to live through it with 3 kids.

Wish me luck!!!Stay tuned for LOTS of in progress pictures. Here are a few before's (but after the wreck the kitchen party)

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Another "before"...

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Last one...

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Here's wishing you a speedy reno with no hiccups.

You do know where the corkscrew is, right?

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What a great idea! I'm totally going to let my kids do this too!

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Rebeccamom123, WHEW!!! When I read the subject I thought for sure it was a issue with your granite slab.

Glad to see you were able to get the kids involved... I bet they're more interested in the project now!

Good luck the rest of the way! :)


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Awesome!! We let our kids and neighbors' kids loose with hammers to demo our kitchen wall! They had a blast and thought it was the coolest thing ever.

Yes, it was way messier than it needed to be but the fun they had was priceless (and now they all feel a little vested in the remodel)!

I need to post pics of our first week of construction from last week...would love to keep up with your progress as well!

Good luck!

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And one last farewell "ode" to our 1948 original kitchen:

Entitled, A special "Top 10" farewell to my kitchen:

  1. Our peel-and-stick Linoleum floor is doing a lot more peeling than sticking
  2. My kids use an old step-stool as an "island" to do their homework on
    8. My cabinets are decorated with hieroglyphics in permanent marker from my charming, autistic son Matthew
  3. Our freezer door pops open every time you close the fridge door but then the fridge door opens every time you close the freezer door (itâÂÂs a fun party trick with guests to see who can get them both to say closed at the same time)
  4. My oven knobs don't stay on and are constantly re-arranged by my kids so it's always a special surprise when I realize I broiled instead of baked
  5. Our dishwasher is strategically located so that whenever open, it blocks the only walkway to our dining area. But donâÂÂt worry �" Matthew just walks right across the door, using it as a bridge, when itâÂÂs open.
    4. My friends politely describe my kitchen as authentic, shabby (without the chic) and retro
  6. The back door off our kitchen needs to be karate kicked to open
  7. Somewhere under 7 layers of Elmers glue, glitter, stickers and polyurethane is a kitchen table
  8. Everyone says the kitchen should be the heart of the home, but in ours, itâÂÂs the bowels

Out with the old, in with the new!!

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So exciting and so much fun!
Great idea!

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When we had a wrecking party, it involved the use of a 6lb sledge and an ax.

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We had a "sign the rafters" party before the new walls went up. Your family might have fun with that too.

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Congratulations! How exciting!! Keep the photos coming!

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Aww, how exciting! I can't wait for that day, and to do that with my 3 little ones...! I hope it all goes smoothly for you, good luck! I love #2 on your list, can SO relate!!

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