Granite seam check-in

milarabFebruary 18, 2013

So, a while back I posted some pictures of a granite seam and someone rightfully pointed out that you can't judge how bad a seam is if you don't know what scale it is on. So, I re-took the pictures with a measuring tape next to the seam. I'd appreciate opinions on whether this is a atrocious, poor, fair, or good seam given the difficulty of color matching and cutting speckled granites.

Also, wondering how much of an industry standard Gorilla Grips + Phantom Seam are. If most professional installers have that technology, then expecting a seam of the quality that tech produces is reasonable. But if not, then I'm not sure if I can justify demanding that level of quality from an installer that does not use that tech.


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That's acceptible. It's small, doesn't appear to have lippage, and the color isn't bad either.

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From the close picture you have posted it looks acceptable to me but that is only 2.5 inches of the seam. It would be great if you could also add a longer range photo showing the entire seam.

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This is a longer shot of the seam. You can see a closer in shot at the link I'm adding; when I showed this closer shot people seemed to almost all think it was a terrible seam, until one person asked how zoomed in I was.

Here is a link that might be useful:

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