Amazingly organized teeny tiny kitchen

bronwynsmomJune 19, 2008

In the July issue of House Beautiful magazine (a blue and white striped chair and a bucket of tulips on the cover), on page 118, the Kitchen of the Month is minuscule, and an absolute marvel of organization. And gorgeous to boot. Notice the mirrored backsplash, and the drawers in the toe-kick.

The whole issue is focused on small spaces.

The article is not available yet on their website, but it's a gem. You can see other kitchens on their site, particularly under "kitchens of the Month" in the pull-down menu under "Kitchens" across the top under the title.

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It is on the website now. "Absolute marvel of organization" is right!

Here is a link that might be useful: House Beautiful link

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Wow! That is amazing. It reminds me of all that clever use of space you find in houseboats, only a million times more elegant. Thanks for putting up the link.

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I second the wow! But I couldn't see what she did in the two corners... could she access the space there, either side of the oven? I looked and looked, but couldn't see if she had piano hinged corner cupboards on the bottom. Perahps they open out the back into another room? And someone on the website asked about her stepladder, but I couldn't find it either. Does it go into more detail in the magazine itself?
I loved the mirrored backsplashes too, but I'm glad it don't have to clean them LOL.

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Angerman Hardwoods

I believe the undercabinet step-up is in the baseboard on your right hand side of the spice cabinet drawer picture. Look at the white handle at the very bottom. See it?
Lovely kitchen only for a couple with no kids or who doesn't cook often!!! ;)

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I lived with mirrored backsplashes once and HATED the way everything you left on the counter was doubled or tripled. I like uncluttered countertops, and have only a few things out regularly, so it drove me nuts that it always seems like twice as many things were out.

Other than that, I must say that given the space, they did a lovely job here. Very elegant.

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I mirrored the wall behind my stove in my last kitchen, and I loved it...the easiest thing in the world to clean, as it turns out. And it opened the wall visually, so that I didn't feel as if I were isolated from the rest of the kitchen.
(I suppose if everything you own is perfectly gorgeous, you don't mind doubling it!)
But you are right about kids...that kitchen is in a typically small Manhattan apartment, as I remember, and you probably wouldn't live there at all with children.

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