Reusing canning lids

ryseryse_2004September 15, 2013

I know this is a big no-no but I still do it. It used to be you could reuse them easily because they weren't so fragile. The new silver ones are hard to reuse because they always dent when you remove them from the jars.

I no longer reuse them for canning, but use them for vacuum packing sour cream, mayo and cottage cheese that we buy in bulk. I make yogurt in pint jars for my dogs and use them to vacuum seal those also. I only use the ones that are not dented (or ones I can fix) and can get a seal most of the time.

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I don't reuse mine for anything that requires a seal, but I do wash and reuse them to cap jars that I use for yogurt in the refrigerator, to store half full (half empty?) jars of jam and pickles, etc, and to use on jars that I store beans, rice, barley and other dry goods in to keep the bugs out.

I do have a friend who reuses them for canning jam, which I do not recommend. She gets a seal "usually", and if jam is moldy she doesn't eat it, but I hate to waste the time, energy and ingredients in an effort to save 15 cents or less.

I have a Food Saver but have never been able to get it to seal of jar of anything, whether the lids are new or used.


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I never reuse them after they have been in the canner. I do use knew lids repeatedly, that have never been in the canner for storing things in the fridge or pantry, mostly bacon grease, used oil or dry ingredients.

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