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bspoffordJune 15, 2009

FYI, tonight (Monday, June 15) on A&E at 10pm eastern, "Obsessed" has a segment on hoarding.


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Oh, I hope they rerun it, I saw this notice too late.

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Bummer, I have no cable and rarely watch TV. I'd like to see it.

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I watched it and the man involved struck me as a very sad, very sweet man. It seemed that he had a lot of sentimental attachment to things that reminded him of his parents.

I couldn't quite figure out his attachment to his one friend. Was he gay or was it a platonic friendship? He seemed so obsessed with getting things right so his friend would come over, be impressed, etc. When his friend mentioned that he still had a lot to do, etc. he looked so crushed.

I was left feeling that neither one of the two subjects that were discussed were really over their obsessive tendencies.

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I watched this the first night and recorded it. I watched it again today, fast forwarding through the lady afraid of the dark, etc.

I too noticed how crushed he was when the 'friend' pointed out how much he had left to do. I would have loved to have him be more supportive of all that he had accomplished. For Pete's sake, he knows he has a lot to do, acknowledge what he has done! I heard that too sometimes from my husband, but when I pointed it out, he said he didn't even realize what he had said.

I think the friends reaction was simply still being overwhelmed by all the stuff, and the subject was through being overwhelmed and working his way to clearing it out. The subject was able to separate before and after, the friend was stuck in before and wouldn't be able to get to after until it was ALL done.

Yes, a sad but very sweet man. I would like to be his friend were he close to me.


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I did see the rebroadcast. That poor man broke my heart. That is the first time I've seen a hoarder actually accept responsibility and realize why they do what they do. I've had the unfortunate experience of knowing 3 hoarders and both were hostile, indignent, etc. It was very difficult to feel sorry for them, but this man last night broke my heart.

His friend was so cold and when he said he had another life, I wanted to cry. You could see the friend really didn't have a clue as to the real reason for the hoarding nor did he care. The man who was the hoarder was 10 times the human being and could do so much better with someone else. I do hope he continues with his healing. God bless him.

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