Making peace with my home

postumJune 21, 2006

I want to thank you all for your help - I love reading this forum and always find it an inspiration. Many times I find myself saying "baby steps" and "just a few minutes can make a difference!"

After getting into a lethargic rut, I am finally back to using the SHE card system (like Flylady.) No, my house isn't spotless :-) But now I've written everything that needs doing down in my card file, and I know I just have to do my little tasks as scheduled and every day it will get a bit better. At night I go through my cards and see how much I have accomplished each day. There are always things that I didn't have time to get to, but I re-schedule them and don't let it get to me. I see what I have to do tomorrow, and then forget about it.

It is nice to go to bed with a clear conscience (if not a clear dining table) knowing that I will eventually get everything sorted out - in time. Why lie in bed worrying about the mess of toys, the paint that needs scraping, the messy deck? Worrying is not getting anything accomplished - simply a waste of energy. Now I'm putting that energy into trying to create a peaceful home - even if it sometimes means just keeping my mind in order in the middle of chaos.

Best wishes and a happy solstice to everyone!

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Good for you postum. Longest day of the year and we have 19.5 hours of daylight today. Good reason to celebrate.


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My kids are grown; When they were little we did art projects; blown out egg decorating; finger paint with starch & color;
thats what they remember, along with making cookies, and camping and hiking, and they did clean up. NObody seems to recall whether the house was dusted or the porch painted. Prioritize; when they are grown and out---you will have the time to have an immaculate home if thats what you still want. I do regret days I stayed home from the beach to get the house straightened out, etc. at least the kids went.

Its 5 a.m could't sleep and I am pressing levis for my husband's trip to Peru. I go to work shortly. So your life changes but its still full of goofy tasks.

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I agree, Marge. Hope my kids remember all the cookies and fingerpainting and sled rides in the snow. Maybe that'll dtract them from the image of me running the vacuum at 11:30 p.m. and always doing laundry! LOL

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