on Pinterest--and a way to store baking pans!

talley_sue_nycJune 23, 2013

I don't want to send people away from here, but I thought I'd mention that I've started keeping pics of the ideas I love on my Pinterest board.


Have you been collecting stuff there, too? Let me know.

Here's one of the ideas I found over there. (I can't get to the original link somehow, or I'd have posted it. So apologies to the person who first shared this with the world--I'd have credited you if I could.)

Note that they've mounted one of those wire bakeware dividers to the SIDE of the cabinet so that they can slot the dishes in without having to stack them. Instant access.

I did something similar with this:

I used cable clamps to attach it to the wall:

You can find them in hardware stores (I see them in the cheap-o dollar type stores a lot lately, now that I know what they are!).

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WalnutCreek Zone 7b/8a

That is so cool. Thanks for sharing. I just might try that with the help of my grandkids.

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I have also enjoyed the organizational tips on Pinterest. Here is one I saw and copied in my kitchen.

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ooh, I love hanging things on the wall and the backs of doors!

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Wow! I love that too.... We are constantly in a kerfluffle over measuring utensils. And the sad fact is that nowadays the printed cup size fades away, and then we are lost and our recipes turn out badly. It is only a broken handle that distinguishes between the 1/3 cup and 1/4 cup measures. I am definitely going to find a door, hooks and put my label maker to good use once more.

The insides of cupboard doors are great hiding places for those of us who rely on vertical surfaces as we try to keep the flat ones clear.

Thank you, Tally, for starting this thread. I love your Nerf gun rack (have we seen that picture before?).

Mustangs, that picture is fabulous. Thanks again for posting it!

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Cup, I used my P-touch to label the Tupperware measuring cups I've got.

I think I did put up pics of my Nerf gun rack--the full project is here:


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Thank you Cup. I too get frustrated with the measurements wearing off. I had a set of 3 Anchor Hocking glass measuring cups. The red print wore off completely. I contacted AH, they said it could be caused by the dishwasher detergent I was using. They were right on as I was using that same detergent the instructions warned about...my bad.

They offered to replace the set and said that they have since changed the formula for the paint used. I declined the offer as it was my fault for not reading the instructions. They sent a new set anyway.

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I'm remodeling my kitchen, and was planning to put measuring cups in a drawer. Now I think I'll find a door for the purpose!

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These people used PVC pipe to make little sleeves to slide them in--this way they won't rattle or swing when the door is opened.

PVC pipe sleeves for measuring cups

They did a nice job cutting the angles straight; and you need a file to round the edges (I did that--it's not that hard)

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Don't they bang and rattle on the door when you close them?

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I keep mine hanging on the formica wall behind my stove - but up high.
I often do my mixing on the glass stove top and the baking ingredients are above my exhaust fan. Everything is right together.

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