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chsclJuly 19, 2014

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We are considering getting the woodwork on the exterior of our home painted and have gotten quotes from several painting contractors.
Since we aren't knowledgable about painting and have experienced shoddy work with previous contractors we would like to know what would be the "right" way to do the paint job? One guy said he would just sand, prime and paint two coats of paint and another guy said for more money he would do it the "more thorough" way which would entail stripping the wood then sand, then prime , then do the two layers of paint. Our home is about 80 years old- so for the most part the wood is buried under layers and layers of paint over the years. I've attached a picture to show everyone what I mean.
Thanks for any opinions and input!

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It's all in the prep.

You should scrape it with a paint scraper and wire brush it thoroughly (a pleasant task that - wear gogles) before sanding (if you really think sanding is required). You should wash it with detergent or trisodium phosphate. Probly before sanding. If the old paint has stuck good no need to remove it unless you want a perfectly smooth finish. Nobody'll get that close anyway so why bother.

If it's really bad a high pressure water jet might be in order (faster) but be careful to miss the glazing. Then scrape etc as above. I spect a pro painter won't really want to do all that.

Primer and 2 coats will do it tho 1 coat might be OK. I'd do 2. Gets teedjous.

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