Tin Ceilings!

vjrntsJuly 18, 2005

Who was looking for tin ceilings? There's a place here in Rochester, NY that seems to have a good inventory of them. In fact, they have a lot of old house stuff.

I'm not connected with the company in any way; in fact, I've never even been into the store, although now that I have an old house, I might venture in. But I thought this might be a source for some of you who are looking for specific things.

Historic House Parts

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Hi, I am from Rochester and I visit this place all the time. They do have alot of nice stuff. sometimes things are a bit pricey, however there are some good deals to be had.

We just went there last week and bought some picture rail for 1.25 a ft. Not too bad. It was painted. The un-painted stuff was 1.50 a ft. They have alot of stuff that is hard to find so we visit them often.

I think they have both new and used tin ceiling. I would recommend buying some new stuff. It is easier to find what you want and it will fit your room. The used stuff is often painted too, which means you have to be concerned about lead paint when fixing it up.

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I went on google and found great new tin ceilings from a place in Canada (I forget the name). My kitchen is about 15x16 and I think it cost about $800. Installation is easy, especially if you use a small nail gun.

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Marvin Forssander-Baird

Unfortunately, I had to gut my entire kitchen to the walls in my 1901. Trying to figure out what to do with some pretty nasty holes that were knocked into the ceiling got me to thinking. One day it just hit me. The original owner had put tin tiles on the ceiling in one of the basement rooms. They don't match, but they coordinate beautifully. I can't wait to move them (carefully) up to the kitchen.

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eaglerock, I had found that place in Canada too. I am seriously considering putting a tin ceiling in my bath. There are more than a couple old stores in a nearby town with tin ceilings. I remember a candy store with them and a lot of vendors covered them up with those cheap drop tiles. One day, if the right person buys one of those buildings, I suspect the tin will again come out to enjoy.

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Probably Brian Greer. Though, oddly, when I purchased a load of 7" cornices, I found the best deal in Florida.

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