How to store vacume cleaner 'tubes'?

freedeeJune 26, 2007

You know, the extra tubes and accessories that come with your vacume cleaner, (I also have a steamer.) For the little brushes, an "over the door" shoe storage bag will do. But, the long tubes that keep falling over when you open up your closet, I'm sure one of you clever people have figured something out.

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I keep my vac wand pieces stuck up on the wall with metal clips. These are like those two-pronged clips that are used to hold up a broom handle, though a slightly larger size. I think one could get them at a hardware or big box store.

For the other machine pieces, I keep those in separate plastic storage bins - those semi-transparent Sterilite ones from WalMart. I have my Vac (white), a LadyBug steamer (red) and my dedicated book-cleaning vac (black). Except for the book vac, I have been able to find tops for the boxes that match the color of the machine. So even, other members of my household (clueless as they pretend to be) can figure out which accessory, bag, extra brush, etc, goes with which machine. I am hoping that next Halloween produces a black top for that size container, meanwhile it's an ugly gold lid for the book vac. The bins allow me to keep manuals, spare parts, tools for maintenance, service records and all the other oddments that go with a particular machine all in one place.


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I keep them in a basket inside the pantry closet in the space where the brooms, etc., should go. The basket is one that can be used for a trash basket so it's slightly taller. I also keep the little brushes and other small crevice tools in the same basket.

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I keep them and all of the extra attachments in an old tote bag that's deep enough that they don't fall out. It hangs on one of the large 3M hooks in the closet with the vacuum cleaner when not being used. I take it with me when I vacuum and hang it over the door knob in that room so that everything is handy while I'm working. It does help to be more thorough when all of the tools are close at hand.

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I don't have this problem...everything stores on the Hoover itself. But what you could do if you use one of the over-the-door pocket hangers, is sew a piece of elastic at the top of the pocket [not on the pocket itself], and then the wands won't fall out. Of course, this will only work for the shorter pieces....not the long ones. I used to keep a basket [like sheconqurs] in the closet to store those in. If I needed to solve this problem myself today, I would make an organizer with pockets for the small stuff, and again, use pieces of elastic for the longer wands. I have made these organizers for my closets for all the other small stuff that gets lost in the closet, such as vac belts, light bulbs, batteries, etc. If you can sew, they are quite easy to make, in any size you need. Hope some of this helps!


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I put the extra pieces--power heads, dusting brush, extra bags--in a plastic bin.

I found one the right size for all my stuff--my attachments just fit inside, no extra wasted space--and best of all it's taller than it is wide.

I put this in the corner of the closet, and set the canister vacuum on TOP of it.

And I put the wands/rods in the corner between the container and the corner of the closet itself.

I've always just stood the wands themselves in the corner. the hose has sometimes been a problem. but now that I detach the wands, and the entire setup is in the corner of the closet, I find that the hose just mostly lies on top of the vacuum.

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I hate to admit it, but mine are in a corner in my garage,gathering bugs and dust. I use the vacuum without them. I have never felt the need to vacuum the ceiling!

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