**Need help configuring new CLOSET under eaves**

mssoccerbunnyJune 4, 2006

I own a Cape, fully dormered in the back, no dormers in the front. My master bedroom goes front to back, and I am having a new closet built under the front eave.

I need help with how to properly maximize this closet. Specifically with the configuration.

The closet will be 137" wide, 50" deep, and the foot wall is 30" high. The slope goes up to from the 30" foot wall to 84" at the top.

I was thinking of putting Closits drawers and shelves in the back along the foot wall.

My problem is how to put the hanging clothes up without blocking that access to the drawer/shelves. Keep in mind that I have *A LOT* of clothes. LOL....

Please, I really need some ideas. The work is getting done this week. Thank you so very much!!

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What size will the doorway be in this closet and is this your only or main closet or is this a secondary closet for the master bedroom? Would your clothing fit on two parallel rods along the closet walls and then space for the storage units in the center? Or do you want a "U" shaped rod configuration?

I quess this first thing I would do is measure the lineal feet of the clothing you need to hang. Then you can weigh the tradeoffs between rod space versus storage access. Good luck!

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I've always thought it would be neat to have drawers along on wall of a sloped room. saw it in a magazine once. Maybe the other long wall could have hanging space. how about hanging space between each drawer, every couple of feet? Maybe a pull-down bar close to the ceiling?

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I would put shelves along the back wall for out of season storage. I would then have a rolling drawer/small dresser for in front of those part of those shelves. Drawers would be really hard to see into at 30". You will also be banging your head on the sloped ceiling. 50" isn't all that deep yet you will have to use space to step into the closet, so by having shelves you don't need to get into, you will bring the clothing you need to reach forward.

I would also divide the space into at least a third with some type of wall so that you could put up double poles for hanging. Leave the one third part for long items.

This closet is around 12" wide. That's a lot of space. What you decide for doors will factor into how to organze the items inside. Sliding doors seems to be about the only thing which would allow you to utilize the space without losing too much for walking.

At 12 feet you could actually do two closets. One for hanging only and the other side for walking into with all of the drawers and shelves in a U shape.

We have two storage areas with this type of configuration going down to 36". They are not practical for daily storage and getting in and out of. It works for our purposes, but I've wacked my head pretty hard a couple of times. My craft room has two sloped ceilings, but the back walls are 4.5 feet. Much better.


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I have a similar situation...My new house has a converted attic and the bedroom has no closet. There are some doors leading to under the eaves. The walls go from about 50" down to zero at the back. Anyone have ideas for hanging storage in this situation. i can put in more doors, or sliding doors, but I really need rod space!!

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