Which closet plan could make the best use of the space?

marti8aJune 29, 2013

For a master bedroom closet, which could you pack the most into, a 6x7 foot closet? Or a 5x7 foot closet with a 1x7 linen closet which opens into the adjoining hall? And why one over the other?

I'm leaning toward the 6x7 because it would allow double rods on one side, shelves on the back, and a combination of double rods and single on the other side. I could squeeze in hanging rods down both sides in a 5x7 but it doesn't allow much room between them. But it would make it easier to get to the shelves in the hall then.

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couldn't you still put a linen closet on the wall outside the 6x7 closet? It looks like there's room there on the other side of the door opening. If the diagram is accurate, of course.

That linen closet can be shallow--you can fold towels & sheets, etc., to fit a VERY skinny shelf if you fold them in fourths like this:


(fold them in half, then fold the ends back toward the center fold, like an accordion)

And you only need about 4" for most cleaning-supply bottles (depending what you want to put there).

(You can even make the door be flat, and paint it to look like the wall, and hang pictures on it.)

Otherwise--I think you're right about the extra foot making a difference in how many hanging rods you can have. How badly would you need a linen closet, if you can't fit one in the way I mentioned?

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No, I didn't bother to put in the door for the other bedroom, but it is next to the linen closet that is there now. If dh will go for extending the closet the way I want, I can stick a shallow linen closet into the hall. I don't use the current linen closet for linens now anyway, just for shoes and other odds and ends that have no home.

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You can create your own customized closet according to your requirements. Easy-access, low drawers with finger pulls and drawer glides that are self-closing may be good choices for you.

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