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Maura63June 1, 2007

I was in a salon this morning, getting an everyotheryear-pedicure. (I don't usually have the patience!) I walked in on a whim with my keys in one hand, cell phone in the other (and some cash in my pocket.) Normally I would have left the cell in my car, so as to have true peace while I was there (LOL) but with contractors at home I thought it best to be reachable. Anyhow, I was thumbing through a magazine and came across the title of a book that I wanted to note. Having no place to write this down, I decided to see if I could send a text message to my own phone, and, low-and-behold, it worked! I then wondered if I would be paying twice for that text message or if it would be included in our unlimited text message plan that we have between three phones. I then came across some product recommendations I might want to try... or a web site I might want to visit and this time when writing myself a text message, instead of sending it, I saved it to "drafts".

So if you find yourself without a pen and paper handy, and wish you could jot yourself a note - use your cell phone!

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Oh, gosh maura. Then I'd have to learn to use the darn thing. I do send myself messages, either on the home phone or on my cell. We rarely use up our cell minutes, so I know I'm not causing a problem.

Did you get some new sandals so that you could admire that pedicure?


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My friensd at work Patti calls her own voice mail and leaves messages for herself, like what grocery items she needs.

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I call my voice mail.

As an aside, have you all discovered that you can text message Google for various sorts of information, such as driving directions, definitions, or information on all Italian restaurants in Fresno, CA?

Here is a link that might be useful: Google Mobile

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I do that when I make note of my space in a parking lot....especially in an airport lot when I'm doing to be parked for several days!!

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I hadn't thought of sending a text to myself. I have taken pictures of where I'm parked with my phone, though.

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I enter the information as if it was a phone #.

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If you have a camera phone, take a picture!

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My phone has a Memo feature. You don't have to send a VM or text message to yourself. Just hit [MEMO] and type the note. It is programmed so that you can even code the memo to prioritize it on the list, or automatically group similar messages together, like groceries. Sending a VM to yourself or text can rack up roaming charges if you are not in your area. Memos don't.

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i used to call myself either at home or work, depending, but I drove myself nuts because I'd always say "hi, it's me..." but i coulnd't recongize my voice, so I'd be confused.

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LOL, Lauren!

I also get puzzled for a moment when I leave myself a message--the voice sounds vaguely familiar, and of course I have erased the FACT that I sent myself a voice mail (because, well, I sent myself a voice mail, and so it's off my mental to-do list).

I say "it's yourself" when I call my voicemail. That helps.

Or, "it's you."

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I leave myself messages, but I just blurt out whatever it is I was gonna' say....who else would be that rude??:^)

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