Real help from my husband

jannieJune 23, 2007

My DH took it upon himself to re-organize the refrigerator. It started because he couldn't find the butter. I insisted it was in there someplace. So one morning, before I got up, he went thru it, threw out anything he couldn't identify, and stacked things in a "logical" order, to his thinking. It's a pleasure. We both can find things now. And there's another thing he's doing to help me. He was always saying I wish you would clean that shelf over the stove, do this, do the other thing, mop the floor,etc. I got tired of hearing it, so I told him it would really help if he'd prioritize his requests, so I could work on them in order.So he's making a list of what he wants done, in order. That way, I can do the chores at my own pace. And he knows he's "the boss", so to speak.

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jannie - My DH does the same thing. We are both retired, and I wonder why he thinks it is up to me to do all of that stuff. He's capable.........and his being the boss goes just so far.

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My sister's husband installed a small chalkboard in the kitchen. When he would leave for work, he'd write an "assignment" for my sister for the day, , such as "bake a pie". don't know if she really did the "assignments" or considered them optional. She laughed when she told me about the "assignment board".

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I guess that would be the reverse of a "honey-do" list that many wives keep. We used to keep one at the other house, should start one for this house. I have to write things down or they are forgotten.

Some of the things on the previous list weren't done until we got ready to sell the house! So the new owners benefited from the work but we didn't (except it helped to sell the house).

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What a great thing for your dh to do! Mine would never think of that (I clean out the fridge before trash day).

Men do like to *think* they're the boss, don't they? If him keeping a priority list helps you out, then great! I do the same for my husband, otherwise he tends to just putter around.

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