Help...DH won't part easily with junk vehicles!

scotslassie1959June 3, 2006

Okay, anyone else had to deal with their spouse not wanting to part with old vehicles? We are getting ready to put our home on the market and move into a new home. DH is balking at getting rid of an old dump truck(barely runs), pick up truck( not running),trailer( all tires flat) and power buggy( no brakes)!!! He seems to be VERY emotionally tied to these relics of his construction days! Any suggestions short of forging his signature on the titles, and having a junk yard take them while he's at work? I'm at my wits end :(


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I don't have a nice, non-confrontational solution. Around here we have a city ordinance against such vehicles and junk. You can call the city and they will tow abandoned or non working vehicles. Call from a pay phone. The city can be the bad guy, not you.

You're not the only one with a dinosaur in the house. My dh has a matched bedroom suite from the 50's or 60's that I want gone. It's in good condition, but doesn't meet the needs of my family. It was purchased at an estate sale a few years ago so it's not an heirloom. It's purpose is to take up space in the master bedroom. DH won't let go of it. I have a cute house, but you can't tell because of the junk and clutter. DH has a job interview this next week. If we are moving, that bedroom set is not coming with us even if I have to take an ax to it so I can cart it out the door myself.

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Several years ago we helped move a family from our church group. When we arrived that morning, the rented truck already contained an old VW Beetle that was going to be restored "someday" -- a little rustier and rotten than it was when it arrived with them in our city years earlier (non-working and full of parts then) as a project to be restored "someday" (!).

Unfortunately, I can't think of an easy solution to this one. One idea would be to price out what it would cost to move these paperweights. Another idea might be to find identical scale models of these vehicles (that won't be easy) or maybe just have someone good take some pictures of the equipment and give it the "memorial scrapbook" treatment. At least that way DH can look at these and remember whatever attachment he has to these pieces.

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Appeal to his wallet. Having that stuff around is going to cost you in the amount of money you could get for your house. People will end up not even looking at the house. They figure if it's junked outside, the inside won't have been taken care of.

I would look and if I wanted your home, the junk wouldn't stop me from purchasing. But I can tell you I would make your DH put money in an escrow account to remove all of the junked vehicles as well as provide for resodding the areas which they were parked. That way I didn't get stuck with a total bunch of crud.

Another concern of possible buyers would be if the city and neighbors hadn't raised a stink about junked vehicles, then they may be concerned that the next thing they will have to look at will be a junkyard next door.

Property values quickly go down that those kind of items sitting around.


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I may use some of these ideas, my husband has a 1968 Alfa, red convertible in lovely shape except it doesn't run. It takes up one garage space. I am willing to bend the budget to get it restored. Maybe its like a wife keeping an old wedding dress, but I don't get it.

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I can understand the Alfa, marge. It is a classic. I don't think that comparable to a dumptruck with flat tires sitting in a yard. That's just a junkyard and I would have a fit if I had to live next door to that.

My DH has what I call his mid-life crisis sports car. When we downsized from a 3 car garage to a two car, it ended up parked in the back during the winter. After the first snow you can't even see it because of the cover and I make him bring it out as soon as the iceskating rink melts.

Here's is Flylady's husband explaining men's clutter. Very cute and true.


Here is a link that might be useful: Men's stuff

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Thanks for the responses. Actually our yard doesn't resemble a junk yard. The vehicles are out of public veiw. Its just that I'm fed up with moving these relics every time we sell a home ( we do this every three years or so ).I must be having my own mid-life crisis as I find myself wanting to simplify by cutting down/ getting rid of excess stuff which really won't be missed.
YAHOO! I think I'm making progress... I told husband that he can keep all his hockey memorabilia if the trucks, et al go. Looks like Gordie and Maurice are staying with us!!!

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How about telling him you'll buy a plasma tv (or whatever) w/ the money you save by *not* paying to move these old junkers?

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housenewbie, you think like my dh. That would definitely appeal to him.

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