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froggiedarJuly 28, 2009

My friend told me you have to replace every screw in a tin /metal roof every 3 years is this true? Or is this person trying to make a fast buck?

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Your friend told you that?

We just had our roof replaced with a metal roof. I was very concerned because the screws could leak (if not installed correctly) However if you get a good metal roof installer the screws are supposed to last for decades. If they are not installed correctly they could back out though. So, yes if you have someone who doesn't know what they are doing you may have to replace the screws.

The new screws have a neoprene washer, that is capped with a metal washer. This compresses when screwed in and this seals the hole from leaks.

also, if you are considering a metal roof you can get an energy star tax rebate (up to 3 grand I think) and an insurance discount, if you live in a fire prone area like CA.

So, you should tell that to your friend!


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Good lord.

What some people come up with.

The roof on the house I grew up in was put on in the 1920s.

In the 1980s it was still going strong. Every few years you had to go up, clean it, set any nails that were starting to pop, dab them with the proper sealant, and then paint.

If you did a good job, you might get a decade between renails and paints.

The concept of replacing EVERY screw every three years?

I'm sorry, but that is just idiotic.

If they're properly installed the first time chances are very good they won't have to be looked at for at least 10 to 20 years. -

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There are so many kinds of metal roofing systems it would be pointless to generalize about them but there is little or no maintenance even for the least expensive kind that uses exposed screws. However the longest lasting roofing systems use hidden fasteners that allow the roof to expand and contract without putting a stain on the fasteners.

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I live in a hurricane area where metal roofs have to meet strict engineering standards, including screws every SIX inches. There is no requirement that screws be replaced during the life of the roof, which is supposed to be 30 to 50 years (aluminum double v roof panels).
Mine was done with hexhead screws with neoprene washers and an integrated metal washer-like cap.

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Well, if you use exposed neoprene washers they certainly won't last 50 years which is probably what your friend meant to say and got the number of years wrong. If you want a long lasting metal roof you should use concealed fasteners. The additional cost is worth it over the life of the roof.

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I live in a house with a metal roof that is AT LEAST 70 years old. It has exposed nails, with washers (i have no clue what kind.) I bought it 15 years ago, and it has been empty for 4-5 years before that. I have done *nothing* to this roof, and have had no leaks.

I just recently bought a different old house, and am in the process of getting a standing-seam metal roof installed. These are supposed to be maintainence-free for at least 75 years.

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Our former roof was ~ 120 years old when we finally replaced it. It did leak, but looks like that was only in the past 5 years or so. I'd say that's a pretty good life span :)

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