Posting kitchen reorganizing progress

marie26June 10, 2006

nsf798's post about her kitchen started me thinking about my own kitchen. I had put small appliances that I use in the cabinets under the island and also on the first shelf of an upper cabinet.

But it just wasn't working because I'd struggle to get the items out and end up not wanting to use them. So today, I emptied the bottom shelf of my very wide double door pantry and put the small appliances there. I had my Showtime Rotisserie on this shelf and feel that it's always been very accessible there so the appliances I moved to this shelf are now also accessible. That shelf had been a mess of stuff that I hardly ever used but not ready to throw out just yet.

I now have rarely used items on one side of the island and I put my larger pots and pans on the other as well as cutting boards that I only sometimes use (for meat, etc). I have one on the counter that I always use for everyday use.

I have a corner bottom cupboard that is a small Lazy Susan with 2 shelves. I've kept the most used smaller pots and pans there. I'd buy those plastic containers for this spot that someone had posted but I'll be in this house less than a year so it's not worth the expense.

I still have items on the floor that need moving as well as the floor of the pantry to organize.

Hopefully, this will make my life just a little bit easier.

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Sounds like a great idea. I have so many "gadgets" that take up space and not enough counter space. I was keeping my Showtime in my downstairs bathroom. I had to pick it up off the floor, haul it up six steps, just to get it to the kitchen. Then clean it and reverse the process. I will try to find shelf space for it within the next couple of weeks. Thanks for a good suggestion!

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marie, weren't you thinking about putting a juicer or something on your island?

The kitchen was one of the first places I decluttered. I've never had many gadgets, just because I've never been willing to learn to use them. A bread machine still looks interesting to me, though.

I've always had my kitchen arranged rather strangly according to most people. My DH just could never figure out why I didn't keep the measuring spoons in the silverware drawer. That's what his mom did. But why in the world would I keep them clear over there and not with things like mixing spoons and measuring cups?

I think it has helped me be streamlined in that I lived in some really funky old houses which didn't have hardly any cabinet space. Everything had to do double and sometimes triple duty.


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Gloria, you are correct. I ended up putting the Bosch mixer which has a juicer attachment on the long counter to the right of the sink. We use the juicer often enough that it makes perfect sense there. The island only holds a cutting board and a container for the mail. DH and I still argue about him plopping his briefcase on the island when he gets home from work.

Am I the only one who has a problem with keeping things neat in bottom cabinets?

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. I had my Showtime Rotisserie on this shelf and feel that it's always been very accessible there

ohh, how smart you are! To identify something that's working, and extend it like that.

Gloria, I know what you mean about the measuring spoons. My mom divided her drawers based on where they were used. If they went on the table, they went in the silverware drawer. If you would never set them on the table, they went in the "prep utensils" drawer. She even had her linens divided in that way--there was the "wet" linens (dishcloths and dishtowels) and the "dry) linens (pot holders, hot pads).

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OT, Talley sue, have you sold your house yet?

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This time I am letting the small appliances earn their place in the kitchen. we took a large salvaged dining cabinet and put it in the garage. In it are all the blenders, cuisinarts, hot dog peelers, rice cookers, (obviously nobody gives me candy for gifts) If it comes upstairs twice, and seems useful, we make space for it--otherwise it stays down there with the car polishing & power washing stuff. (I don't give candy either)
We added a new narrow table/credenza near the front door for mail, brief cases, with a large fancy metal dish for keys.
It has a cell phone charger plugged in ready for the phone.
Stuff ready to go out the next day is added to the assembly.
Around here we have to get to the airport at least two hours ahead and its where we assemble passport, luggage,tips etc., so its not chaos at the last minute.

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Marie, no I haven't. and someone who saw ours is now bidding on one that's identical in shape and size (better view, though--and farther from the shopping street so quieter), and says ours looked too crowded. they're not buying the bunk beds, but they couldn't look past them.

LOL, Marge, at the "giving candy" jokes!

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Talley Sue, I'm hoping things will turn around quickly for you.

I've almost completed my kitchen cabinets reorganization. I just have one more to do. The drawers still need tidying up but I actually know what's in them.

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Hi Talley Sue,

Good luck with selling your place. We are also trying to sell a house that we have been renting out for the past 10 years. We had tenants in there until June 1st, so it was hard to show it. People would say they could see beyond the clutter, and see the potential. They couldn't at all. Now we are renovating. I was surprised, thinking that new owners would want to pick out their own carpet color, cabinet types, etc. A realtor we had over to look said that people just want to move right in and make no decisions. Then after we saw her, a group came in to look and said "call us when it's done". No imagination whatsoever. This whole experience has been such a surprise to DH and I!

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rjvt, one reason that some people would rather buy a house that doesn't need obvious work is the difficulty of getting workmen. Urban young people often havent renovated, painted or even installed a new switch plate, and they can't guess what renovations cost. When I was single I was hoping to meet a guy in Home Depot when my girlfriends were looking in Karaoke places. I think I fell in love when he offered to fix my broken sprinklers.

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rjvt - believe it or not, I bought my house 10 years ago and STILL haven't changed the kitchen decor(sad, but true), it's the main thing I loved about the house when we bought it. About the measuring spoons and cups, I guess I'm really odd because I don't keep them in a drawer, they get used so much that I hang them on a cup hook under the cabinet where I do most of my cooking - it's right by the sink where I wash dishes so I just wash, rinse and hang up-I can always find them and even the kids will put THOSE up. Can anyone suggest how to make those spaces in the bottom cabinets that go 3 feet back to the wall AFTER THE DOOR OPENING!!! It's difficult to put anything back there because even if I only use it once or twice a year I have to move everything that is accessible in front of the cabinet doors and CRAWL into the abyss in the side of the cabinet. Since the space goes to the side, I've never been able to figure out how to put anything there that would possibly slide items into view w/out interferring with the things that are easily accessible behind the cabinet door--does anyone else have this problem or know what I'm talking about?

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reba, I had one of those cabinets once and it stunk! It was in our breakfast bar next to the dishwasher and went back to the wall. To make matters worse, the door wouldn't open all the way because of the DW. I did keep the turkey roaster back there and you are right. You have to drag everything out and rearrange. I found I never even used the items which were tucked at the back. Easier to cook the turkey in a throw away pan.

Do you really need the space? I ended up just not using the area (although things always got lost back there) until we remodeled that kitchen.


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Reba, do you have a shelf in that cabinet? My island has a 1/2 shelf for the back 1/2 of the cabinet. That way, it's easy to see what's on the top shelf as well as the front of the bottom shelf . I also rearranged items that sit under this shelf to make it easier to pull out.

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I have 2 nearly impossible corners like that. If I were staying in this house, I would put in these Lee Valley corner units. A couple of people on the site have installed them and just love them.

Here is a link that might be useful: Lee Valley corner units

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Today, I plan to move my measuring cups, spoons, etc. over to the counter that I am now using as my baking counter.

I own way too many measuring cups and spoons but I will not get rid of any since I don't want to have to wash these as I'm cooking (especially on those all-day cooking marathons).

I now have these thrown in a drawer but was wondering if there is a container that you have found to work well on the countertop for the measuring spoons. I'm going to put the measuring cups in a drawer unless there's a better solution for those. My dream kitchen would have a bar under the upper cabinets where I could hang up all my utensils but I can't put up anything in this rental. We'll be moving (again!) next spring or earlier.

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I have my measuring spoons in an 8 oz. jar. It's not the prettiest thing in the world, but it works. A votive candle holder might be the right size.

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perhaps you could hang your measuring cups on cup hooks on the underside of upper cabinets? I suppose that even in a rental you can install cup hooks and if you have to remove them, it won't show they were there. Just my 2 cents.


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