A son's gift

wannadancJune 17, 2005

My son lives in MO, and I in WA. When he was out this way a couple months ago, he saw instantly that I was so overloaded w/ stuff that my quality of life was significantly impaired ..... and the log jam was just beyond me.

He just returned to MO, after spending four days here again, only this time his entire purpose was to perform miracles!

In my driveway is a 40 yard dumpster - and it is nearly full - that is how much "stuff" was in my way! I have reclaimed my garage - 3 bay type. Ditto the two bay carport. Ditto my sanity!

He is a love and what a jump start he has provided to me!!!!!!!!!!!


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that's great! you told us about this earlier, right? That was you? I think that's a phenomenal son, what a gift of love. His time, his energy, his effort--and his company through the whole task.

Sometimes someone on their own, in their own home, just CANNOT dig out from under. You get there SO gradually, that getting back out again is just too much to tackle alone.

Remember Judith in MO (or was it TN or ARK?), everyone? I used to fantasize about rounding up several of us to fly there and dig her out--fix her fence, haul out the trash, build her a hay rack, etc.

Now we don't need to go help Vicki--she helped herself: by raising a son who had the imagination and mental ability to see what his mom needed, and the generosity to make it happen.

I bet you had a great time, too.

I've got tears in my eyes now, thanks a lot! ;-)

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You raised a great son, Vicki! What a wonderful gift. He clearly loves you very much.


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That's amazing! Great job on raising your son, Vicki!

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I remember your original post which was the promise of that gift, thanks for following up; sounds like a fabulous son and a great way to set you up for continuing the clutter free lifestyle....

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