Rubbermaid Fast Track - anyone tried it?

postumJune 6, 2007

I saw this recently in a magazine and thought it might be just the thing for our garden shed - holds garden tools, bikes, etc. It seems a bit pricey for a couple of pieces of metal and some hooks, but on the other hand, it looks like something I would actually install and use. As we don't have a garage, storage is at a premium.

Any opinions on this? I tend to shy away from "sytems" but it does look tempting (see link below.)

Here is a link that might be useful: Rubbermaid Fast Track at Amazon

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Postum where would you be putting this if not in a garage?

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"I saw this recently in a magazine and thought it might be just the thing for our garden shed"

The garden shed is mentioned above...

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I think it looks versatile. It's not so detailed that it would end up actually being restrictive. And yet, you could add lots of hooks, and space them however you want, but would have to get the drill out only once.

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Thanks for the thump on the head Western. Sometimes I do read too quickly, especially when I want to catch up and should be doing something else:(

I think it depends on how much wall space you have available and how many things you want to store on it. If you only have a small amount of either...this could be a great solution. I use a sheet of pegboard in my garage. I like that it "can" be changed. I also feel it can accomodate more items. Small things can be hung in the space created between two items. You can hang things higher or lower to effieciently make use of all the space. You may be able to do the same thing but using several of the hanging bars. I think it would take more effort and be more expensive. One of the drawbacks to my peg board is that really heavy items (garden blower) can not be hung because they are too heavy.
Let us know how it works for you!

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If you go w/ pegboard, there are shelves available, and some really BIG brackets.
There are also bins, and canisters.

I bet that Rubbermaid thing would hold some weight--something to check out. It might be good for big stuff, and a stretch of pegboard for smaller stuff.

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I am currently usint the Rubbermaid product now. I have two 4' strips up in the workshop portion of my garage and is working fine. The 4' strip is $9-10 at HD, the hooks/holders between $8-10. I cannot remember the weight allowance for this length, but is over 150 lbs. if memory serves correct. I have just bought a third but have not put it up yet.

Good luck,

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Thanks! It sounds like it would be cheaper to just get the parts I need. I'll do some more checking around. I definitely need something that will hold up - I plan to hang heavy tools (shovels, etc.) as well as at least one bike on it.

Talley - what you said: "just have to get the drill out once." Yes, that is exactly the attraction for me!

I've never used a pegboard - I'll do some research and see if that would work for me (might be good in the laundry room, where I keep my regular tools)


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do a search on this forum--I've posted link to sources for cool pegboard accesories (baskets large and small; shelves; long or wide hooks)

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tre3 seems to have an excellent selection of accesories for pegboard. I've never used them but found it linked on a Martha website. What is it you are thinking of hanging?

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In the garden shed, I'll be hanging up all the regular garden tools, plus as many bikes as I can get off the floor :)

I'll have to give some thought to the pegboard - I keep most of the small hand tools (hammers, screwdriver, pliers) in the laundry room and they are pretty well organized - but it is an area where we are short on space. Perhaps I could put a pegboard in the shed (when I get to the point where I can move around in there) and move some of the laundry room tools out there.

For now, I really want to focus on the shed and be able to actually WALK through it without having to move all sorts of stuff out of my way to find what I want. I can never find my spading fork when I need it - that sort of thing. I think I'll head out to my local HD today (does anyone else dislike shopping there??) and get the set they have listed below - it looks like it has just what I need, and cheaper than the one at Amazon.

Here is a link that might be useful: Fast Track all in one kit

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Postum maybe the rubbermaid fast track would be better for the bikes?? I understand about getting those bikes off the ground and out from under foot. Even the ones with kick stands always seem to fall over. One of my DH's bikes would be light enough to hang from pegboard but I don't think I'd do it.
I do keep all my rakes, shovels, hoes, lopers, shears, trowels and extension cords on pegboard.
I also have another small sheet of pegboard with tools like hammers, pliers, screwdrivers, etc, etc. I have always wanted one of those fancy schmancy tool chests with the ball bearing glide drawers :)
Good luck. Betting a combination of storage ideas will end up working the best. Would love to hear how you solve the bike problem.

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Hi Postum,

I was just surfing the different forums and saw your post. I have this system for my shed - well part of the system - individual pieces can be purchased. We got ours at Home Depot. LOVE IT!!! It can really hold a lot of weight. DH even hangs a big gas edger from one of the hooks. And it has a lifetime warranty.


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there are some great bicycle storage solutions out there. You might consider one of those specialized ones; it might be easier to get the bike on and off the hook.

here are some ideas

a hook you screw to the wall tha tholds one bike

a gravity-powered rack that holds 2--it *can* be screwed to the wall if you want to, though

the Racor ceiling bike lift--a pulley system--$30 to $40.

a strap that fastens to the wall or overshead beams; here's a closeup w/o the bike; brand name Flip Clip

a double-bracket that fastens to the wall and has a box for accessories plus hooks for your helmet

Here is a link that might be useful: these guys have a ton of bike racks, plus a scooter stand

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Gee, I think I have the simple (way cheaper) version. Just double squared prongs every foot. Either hook an open handle end over a prong(s) or prop a wider thing with the pole handle down. See shovels on right done either way. Better than the spring loaded clips because these can be much higher. Four strips along one wall of the garage. Heavy duty strip. Nothing has ever fallen down.

Haven't tried to hang a bike yet but pretty much anything can be placed up there. The chainsaw DH has on a nail for some reason.

One hint is to put the strip high, well over your head. Then things are up out of the way mostly except for the poles or handles.

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