Your thoughts on self-stick bulletin board for paper

marie26June 13, 2005

Has anyone tried the following item? I want to be able to stick either shiny magazine-type paper or newspaper. Will any type of paper just stick to it? I like the idea of not having to use push pins or magnets. I know that it can't hold multiple papers on top of each other but that's okay for what I want to use it for.

Self-Stick Framed Bulletin Board

No need for pins or tacks!

Self-stick surface for quick and easy note posting, repositioning and removal. Mounts on smooth surfaces or fabric walls. Manufacturer's three-year limited warranty. Black plastic, radius edged frame. Mounts with Command Adhesive removable fasteners-hold on strongly, yet come off cleanly without damaging walls.

The link that shows what it looks like:

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I personally find it really unattractive. Do stickems work for you ( I know they fall off enventually) I always mount magnets or traditional bulletin boards. what about a BB with criss cross ribbons so you just tuck things under the ribbon. They are called French memo boards or French bulletin boards. You can easily make them yourself to go with the room.

Here is a link that might be useful: example of purchased French BB

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This is to be used more for function than looks. I am working on a project that I need to sort a bunch of small papers (LOL). I had originally thought of using glue on paper but that seems like a lot more work.

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I've had one, and it also holds dust, cat hair and bugs!

A magnetic board and magnets is better.

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I have one hanging on the inside of my front hall closet door. I stuck on it: business cards , town notices(gargage collection days, pool and library schedules etc). You cannot overlap , of course, and anything heavy falls off. But I like it and its out-of-the way.

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