Is there an incredibly thin R 13 insulation for tight spaces?

fireweed22July 17, 2014

Also posted in the New house forum, as I think this could go either way, but thinking about it now it's all about bringing an old house to current day comfort.

I have an old A-frame cabin (previously used only for summer usage), about 325 sq', just had the roof and cold floor spray foamed. Also cuboard interiors. What's left is the end walls (non-sloping). So approx 3/4 of the place is now tight.

The wall construction seems to be 2" cedar boards, then shingled on outside. I think no tar paper as I can see light coming through the boards!

With the built in kitchen and bed in loft there is nowhere to frame in space for insulation without a serious reno (no budget left for that). I'm wondering if there is a super thin insulation (panels??) that may come anywhere near to R-13?

The rigid is way too thick, I think it was 2".
On top of that I do plan to put T&G pine.

Any other ideas? Thanks!

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Unfortunately, the answer in this forum is still "no": there is no super-insulating material available to homeowners at an affordable price.

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Easy. Put up the R-13 foam or whatever to get your insulation then cover it with wall paper that looks like wood paneling. Thin - warm - cheap.

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mxyplx, R-13 in foam would be 2" thick and the op wants much thinner than that.

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Guess I got it rong? I thot the 2" rigid PLUS the T&G pine was too much so the paper being about zero would be a dandy fix. Not so. Don't know how thick the pine might be.

Facing reality I'd forget the pine and hang as much rigid as practicable where possible then paint over it and live with it. I insulated my steel garage door with 2 thicknesses of foam total R-10 as I recall. That's all that would fit. Really helps. 1.5" thick. 10/13 = 0.7692307692307692307.... not too bad. It's only 23% colder at that end. :-)

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Yes afraid 2" won't cut it. One inch is truly too thick, as pine t&g is just under an inch already.
Will try an inch rigid plus the pine and just find a sneaky way to transition it.
Thanks all!

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The foam board needs to be covered by something other than paper or paint. Fire regulations.

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Code here also requires a covering.

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:-) There seems to be a difficulty for every solution.

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true dat!

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