Just do it!

PrestonsnanaJune 16, 2011

This isn't actually an organizing problem, I guess, but it's one that makes me feel SO good! I have a house built in the 70's with 2 outside faucets. Over time, the faucets started leaking and now they spray as much water around the handle as what comes out of the hose! I wrapped it in plastic, I wrapped it in fabric, I just put up with it, and finally after YEARS, I called a plumber! He's coming out today. I just can't tell you how GOOD it feels to imagine that I will soon be able to use my outdoor faucets to water my plants WITHOUT getting a cold shower! I'm even going to have him add a third faucet so I can water my veggie garden without hauling hoses around!

I guess the moral to my story is that things don't get done on their own...you just have to take the bull by the horns and JUST DO IT...whether that means cleaning up clutter or fixing broken faucets. AND, even little things like bad faucets can bring you down, so why not simply deal with it!!!

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And plumbing problems NEVER get better on their own. If you have a leak somewhere or any plumbing needs, get them taken care of now, before they get worse, and now so you can enjoy them. I have only one outside faucet, and multiple garen areas including a large vegetable garden, so I'm constantly dragging the hose around. How I would love a second faucet in front, so I could water my front grass and even wash my car! And I know about leaks at the faucet-mine sprays when I turn the water on, luckily when I turn the faucet off, it forms a secure seal. And even luckier, it's raining today so I don't have to worry about dragging that darn hose out. Good luck with your project, Prestonsnana!

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My kitchen faucet tended to drip unless I got the handle in just the right spot. Replacing the metal ball inside - twice - helped for a while, then back to the drips. It was so annoying, but it took me almost a year to get around to replacing it. What a relief not to have to futz with it 20 times a day.

My bathroom with the bad paint job annoyed me every time I went in there. The ceiling was white but had three other colors dabbed on it from the walls being painted by the previous owner. I finally painted the ceiling and feel so much better. It took me less than an hour start to finish to paint it.

Just do it!

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This is a really good point for almost anything.

We can spend more time working around a problem than it would take to actually fix it. (like, moving the pile of folded laundry back and forth off the bed 6 times, instead of putting it away. By the time you get to move #6, you could have put it away in the drawers twice.)

Good for you!

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I am rolling on the floor laughing. You are all so right, it usually takes so little time to JUST DO IT but we spend so much time thinking about doing it!

I used to go to any lengths to avoid unloading the dishwahser. Then I timed how long it actually takes - 2 minutes! I'd spend 24 hours avoiding a 2 minute job. LOL

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Fori is not pleased

Why is everyone looking at me?


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I think I am up to 8 times on the laundry basket. Tonight may be my "do it" night, though!

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I have one more thing to add: If you're thinking of a DIY project or doing/adding something to your home for your own enjoyment, Just Do It. My father used to yell at me for thumb-tacking posters on my bedroom walls when I was a teenager. "We'll never sell this house with all those holes in the walls!" He was always thinking of the re-sale value of the house. Well, I really enjoyed those posters of my "Rock Gods." And when I tired of them, a little spackle or toothpaste and a gallon of paint solved the problem. And do you know what? My father never sold that house . He lived in in from 1963 to the day he died in 1998. I'm thinking of my present house. I would love to add two things: A walk-in sunroom for plants in the front and a small waterfall/water feature for the backyard. Including a hose connection in the front for my little bit of lawn and for car washing. Yeah! Just do it! Don't worry that the next owner won't like my landscaping ideas. I'm here now and I want it. I've discussed this with my husband and he's all for it. We're expecting an inheiritance from my Mother's estate later this year, and we are gonna do it!

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Yes, I finally did it! I had been thinking of getting rid of a set of old encyclopedias, but kept feeling guilty about tossing. That little voice saying "someone could use it". After about 6 months of that (and also remembering that Talley Sue said there were tons of the same book around, and it was ok to toss), I put the whole set out for recycle today. Gone! In the end I realized that I'm not responsible for educating the whole world - at this point you're on your own, world!

That left a nice empty shelf, which I promptly filled with some of my boxes which had been cluttering up the piano and table. Makes the room look better already. So you're right - just do it. I really feel encouraged to throw away things now, and pare down the junk.

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As I've said before, there is no "market" for old encyclopedias or National Geographic magazines. No one wants them. Not your local library, not the neighbor down the street. Just DUMP them.

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