Getting around in attic to work?

ohmmm_gwJuly 26, 2014

House is in South Dakota. Built in 1977. Split level. Trusses used. Straight shot across from gable to gable in attic.

Need to add more vent cans as there is only 1 on the main house even though it has a newer roof. Don't ask me why the roofers used only one.

Also need to add a vent for the upstairs bath, which has none and apparently has never had one. Opening the window when the temperature is -20 out is not my idea of a vent.

Attic has about 8 inches of blown in cellulose. From the looks of it, nobody has been up there since it was blown in, save for the roofers blocking off the opening for the fresh air intake on the roof with sheet metal. The pipe is just open in the attic and the previous homeowner put duct tape over it downstairs in the utility room. Guess they didn't like the basement flooding with cold air in winter. But I digress.

Back to the topic at hand, getting my 140lbs around on top of this pristine layer of cellulose insulation and not pushing out the drywall from the trusses.

Do I just lay boards down on top of this 8 inch layer of cellulose to walk on so I can get this work done?

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Lay a catwalk of 1x10 or 1x12s across the joists.

Take a bunch of them up there, and lay them as you move forward.

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What is a vent can?

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It's a vent that can vent if it is installed properly.

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roof vent? like a passve vent for attic ventilation?

and yes, it would be best for you to lay down 1x12's to
walk very carefully on. if you plan to do more work in
attic you can look for more permanent walkway options.

best of luck.

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Yes, you will be smart to nail down the boards because if you get to close to the end or it has shifted you will go flying!!Then repairs will be necessary on house & on you!! I have made a walk to all the areas I might need to go to. Money well spent, much cheaper than months of recovery or medical problems that you aren't going to get over. Crushed hand, leg broke in several places etc. If I get hurt up there I can push myself back to the opening. I also take cell phone or cordless house phone up with me. Others may need to go up there -like an inspector & it pays to have a wide walk. Also tools & light can be safely placed. If buying wood is too expensive watch the trash for discarded large boards or if you have free trash dump (did when I lived in So.Dak.) try there. Could use 3/4 in plywood cut in 10-12 in. wide long pieces. Needs to hold your weight & then some as heavier person may need to get up there sometime.

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