Glass Front Cabinets Regrets?

LuthaFebruary 24, 2014

Anyone not liking their glass front cabinets? I am looking at counter depth glass front cabinets for my everyday white dishes, glassware, thinking more function less "display" Our plan currently has 3 24" cabinets.

We like the style and clean look of the glass. Now we wonder if we'd regret it.

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what do you mean by glass front cabinets? Do you mean the whole door is glass? or a wood frame with glass inserts?
I'm in the process now of adding some additional cabinets to our kitchen (order arrived this morning) I already last Summer ordered 4 frame only doors and inserted nice glass from a local glass company. I love them.
I have one more cabinet I ordered with what was delivered today that will have 2 doors with mullion 2x3's meaning 6 lites. Will be adding 2 glass panels in those doors as well.
We plan to light those cabinets.

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I love glass doors on cabinets for everyday dishes. We remodeled the kitchen in our last house and used them, and are doing the same in our new build. it is so helpful for company to be able to see the dishes and not have to rummage through your cabinets when they are looking for a plate or a glass.

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Ours are 12" deep, the same as standard wall cabinets except for the corner cabinet. I really like all of them. Our everyday dishes are in the corner cabinet. It holds a lot including 12 place settings of plates, lunch plates, soup bowls, and that's just the bottom shelf. Middle shelf holds at least 36 glasses, various sizes. Coffee mugs on third shelf, but only toward the front as it gets too deep for me behind them. Top shelf is decorative as I can't possibly use all of that shelf. Dishwasher is just below to the left, it's very convenient to unload everything right to the cabinets. Daily silverware is in the corner drawer, also very convenient to the dishwasher.

If your upper cabinets are really 24" deep you might consider some kind of stepped shelf system so you can utilize the space in the back.

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If I had a bigger kitchen with more countertop room or an island, I would love to have cabinets that go down to the counters with glass for every day dishes so I can reach everything as I am only 4'10" tall. I can't wait to read more posts and see more pictures. I would just want to have a pretty contoured grid on the door to partially hide my everyday dishes but still let you know what is inside.

I am still not sure if I am doing any glass since I need storage and the cabinet that will have glass if I was to do glass will be over the sink and too tall for me to reach. But I love seeing beautiful kitchens with glass doors.

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prairiemoon2 z6 MA

I love my upper cabinet with glass in the doors. In a small kitchen I only have one 42 inch upper cabinet that holds all our every day dishes, glasses and bowls. I think it looks very good and is very functional, right above the dishwasher. And in a small kitchen, it visually makes the space look larger and more open. I've had the cabinet for about 15 years and I think if I was going to regret it, I would have by now. [g]

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24" cabinets are pretty deep for dishes. Most dinner plates are 10-12" and most serving pieces will fit within a 12" space. Is there a specific reason for the 24" uppers?
IMHO I think things will be "lost" in the back, even with a step system. The higher shelves will be even more difficult, as it is almost impossible to see into that depth when it's above you head. Would 13" or 14" not suffice for you if 12" isn't deep enough?

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I have glass front (wood frame) upper cabinets in one corner - I think it's just 3 cabinets. The rest of the cabinets are wood. The glass breaks up the wooden uppers - adds a bit of variation. I use those cabinets to mostly store my mother's dishes; it feels like she is in my kitchen.

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We are building a new house and we had the cabinet maker build a cabinet that is similar to what we have in our current house (built in 1917!) We like seeing all of the Fiesta colors!
Old houseâ¦..

new houseâ¦..

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24" deep? for dishes?
I'm thinking you might want to invest in some serious lazy Susans or you'll never see some of your dishes again.
That's seriously deep. Like a bottom reach-in cabinet stacked on the countertop.

I am planning glass doors. it gives a little texture to the solid door look.

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Carol your cabinets, old and new, are beautiful! I love your countertops too. Are they marble or granite?

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