Source for interior transom windows?

bevangel_i_h8_h0uzzJuly 23, 2007

This is my first posting although I've been reading the forums here for several months and have found y'all to be a great source of information!

I'm getting ready to build a "new old-house" and am in the "specify everything" stage. Can anyone point me to a source for operable transom windows to be used over interior doors? The only transom windows I've been able to locate are for exterior, entry-way doors and appear to be double-paned, inoperable, and often aluminum or vinyl clad. I'm looking for 12" to 16" high, 32" wide transoms with stain-quality wood frames that can be opened. I need eight of them. Since they'll be used over interior doors. I see no point in paying for double or triple glazing. Would love it if I could find old stained-glass transoms that would fit without paying an "arm & a leg" for them but am willing to live without the stained glass for now.

Thanks for any advice.

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Alot of your bigger antique stores have them and alot of times everything you need.Dont know where youre from but Lancaster Pa, Renningers,and black Angus probably have them.

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I'm in central Texas and have not had any luck finding these in local antique stores. The occasional windows I find are never the right size. Need to find a source on the web if at all possible so was hoping to find someone manufacturing "replacement" interior transoms.

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Any custom millwork shop can make these for you, in the wood of your choice. Find a local shop. They can also make the doors and jambs if you like.

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There is a company in North Carolina that makes some really cool interior transoms. They have just about anything you would ever want. Great source! Go to

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Just checked out the company above, and they have a 12x32 for $70. I'd check with a local millwork place for a competitive bid, that way no shipping fees.
By the way, when I was house-hunting, all the interior transoms I saw, and ones in friends' houses, were plain glass for interiors--only exterior transoms had muntins or stained glass. My own transom over the front door is stained, an art nouveau pattern--while that over the back door is plain. The front one matches my sidelight.

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