Outdoor rug color

OakleyFebruary 4, 2014

I bought this rug last year and decided I don't like it. Too blah and not bold enough. And too matchy matchy.

I'll be changing out flowerpots for the coffee table to get rid of the terra cotta color.

I'd like a noticeably bold color here. Not red or black. Or yellow which would be too pale.

What color rug do you think would look good here?

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Turquoise. Assuming you are staying the existing cushions.

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I think you're right! I have a lot of pink Roses in the front flowerbeds, and turquoise would be beautiful paired with them. I plan on getting pillows but wanted to find a rug color first.

I'm keeping the cushions since we're on a dirt road and they match the dust. :)

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Check out Plow & Hearth's indoor/outdoor rugs. They have a very nice selection.

Here is a link that might be useful: Plow & Hearth

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I'd look for a bolder pattern like the Talavera rug in the link above. I'd also go a bit bigger than the rug you have now.

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I had the same thoughts as sueb: bigger, and the Talavera rug. There are two. Both are bold but have patterns which I think would go great with your terra cotta look.

Also a bigger table would be nice and more to scale with the furniture. But then, I'm a big advocate for very large coffee tables!

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I know, oakley! Ours are similar. We have to take them off in the spring due to all the pollen! I should buy 'pollen-color'. I was also thinking the rug could be a bit bigger.

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Definitely much larger. I would have at least the front legs of the seating on the rug. Your brick is reddish orange, which classically pairs with turquoise. Added benefit that turquoise is in style, which means you can find it more readily and more inexpensively.

And then go to Etsy and can yourself some throw pillows to bring the color up.

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Nothing really jumped out at me on P&H. I have to take into consideration that most likely the rugs won't be as bold in color as we see on the monitor. Learned that the hard way a long time ago.

I'll think about getting a larger rug, but it would just be a tad bigger because I sweep behind that area a lot.

Tibbrix, I'm definitely not going for the terra cotta look, it just ended up that way. lol.

I like my coffee table. But I do have a big honkin' one in the living room! :)

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