Gotta get organized - again.

jamie_mtJune 12, 2009

Have you ever noticed that organization goes in cycles? Or maybe that's just me. I tend to get everything organized and scheduled out, do a great job with it for weeks, months, or even years, and then something happens and everything falls apart. Of course I never just fix it right away, it's a process that I have to go through every time, though some of the last organizational vestiges always seem to carry over to the next cycle.

Now I'm getting into another organizing "cycle". I think this one was triggered by some major changes going on in our world (hubby taking a new, lower paying job this month).

Anyone else experience this organizational up and down? Or are you able to maintain over the long term?

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Yes, I do it all the time. Go thru"growing spurts""
Clean, keep, sort, throw away etc Even got a new filing cabinet which did help. Also made really neat printed tabs that fit the tabs and can be changed easy, and broke down more things.

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Yes, it's cyclical. I plan a party and that "forces" me to clean the whole house, especially the "public" area like bathrooms , kitchen, and our outdoor deck. After the party, I try to maintain for a few days or weeks but then I start slip sliding again. I'll lay something down rather than put it away, I say "I'll get to that later" but later never comes. It builds up again. Time to invite people over. Gotta go, my best friend is coming for a three day visit the end of June!

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I was born organized... so no 'cycles' for me. I can't help staying on top of things constantly.

Now... if it's CLEANING, THAT is definitely cyclical for me!

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I think cleaning definitely counts. But for me, they're one in the same. If I'm organized, keeping things clean and picked up is much easier, and my house is cleaner as a result. When I've let my organization lapse, my house is messier too (far more clutter all over). It's kind of all tied together for me.

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When I've let my organization lapse, my house is messier too (far more clutter all over).

When I let my organization lapse, my house gets GRIMIER, dustier, dirtier all over. "Messy" and "not clean" aren't the same thing, and clutter to me is simply disorganization.

But clutter gets in the way of a quick cleaning, so they're connected.

I need to get a cleaning lady again, bcs DH is not cleaning after all, and I hate to clean. And it'll force us to keep the house picked up. A little external discipline.

And yes, I go in cycles. I'm the middle of a LONG disorganized one. I'm just feeling really alone, and I don't feel strong about throwing things out.

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I agree with talley sue nyc. Messy and not clean are not the same thing, but I think what Jamie meant was that when she's not organized things tend to get dirty too.

I'm definitely a cycle person when it comes to organizing. Though my drawers and cabinets usually stay very organized I tend to have a "nest" around my computer. Granted I watch our 18 month old grandson so it's a chore getting anything done when he's here. I tend to make piles of what goes where and he loves playing in those piles.

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I'm sorry you're feeling alone right now, Tally Sue. I can see where that would really affect decluttering and keeping up with things. Hopefully things pick up for you soon...

I am not a great housekeeper, so frankly, my house isn't any "dirtier" when I'm unorganized than when it isn't - except with regard to the kitchen (ahem), but I'm much better about staying on top of that now. Even if I'm completely unorganized, I'll still take the time/make the effort to clean the bathroom when it gets grimy & shove piles over to wipe down a counter or table if there's actual dirt/dust underneath. I don't mop the floors any more often when I am organized than when I'm not, because I hate mopping floors regardless. I'm a lazy housekeeper no matter what the status of my organization, unfortunately, and I doubt that will ever change. Hubby and I can live with a certain amount of hair on the floor and dust on the shelves, and when one of us gets tired of it, that person does something about it. Otherwise, it waits until company is coming (at which time my hubby springs to action - he has a higher standard for "company ready" than I do).

In any case, I'm on a mission to get organized and "decluttered" again - because I really do prefer a lower level of clutter, despite what my house looks like at the moment (think tornado). I'm starting a "Gettin' Organized" series of posts on my blog this week...if anyone here is interested, I could certainly post shorter versions of my current project here. This week is focused on my mail center, and getting that cleaned up and reorganized.

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I know this sounds horrible, but I have two zones in my house. My hall bath, great room and den are immaculate. If there is anything out of place for more than a day, I take care of it. The deal is, I take care of it by moving the clutter into either my craft room or my bedroom. Those two rooms are horribly cluttered. The craft room stays a little neater than the bedroom as it has to be neat for me sew or paint or whatever. Sad I know....

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I had to stop all decluttering and organizing for a while, due to treatment for breast cancer. But now that I'm starting to feel a bit more energy, I find myself WANTING to start back up with the decluttering and cleaning. It makes me HAPPY to get all the excess stuff out of my house. I like the extra space it gives me in every room. I like to see clean rooms when I look around. But that takes energy, and sometimes I don't have much. So I prioritize. What will give us the biggest benefit for the amount of energy expended?

I think it is perfectly normal and healthy to do the decluttering / organizing process in cycles.

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Organization is an ongoing challenge for me. It all depends on my state of mind and life. I'm just now coming off of a 5 year period of chaos and am trying to get caught up. I gained 50 pounds, the house and the yard are way out of control. It has been really overwhelming but I'm finally getting a good start on things.
I wish I was the kind of person who can stick to a schedule in my personal life. But I rebel against myself!

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